Our Six Favourite Hilary Duff Beauty Looks Are What Dreams Are Made Of…


We all know Hilary Duff as an actress, but did you know she’s also a singer, songwriter, producer, writer and businesswoman – oh, and today’s birthday girl!

Hilary has been described as an inspiration by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, and for good reason! She rose to fame at a young age, all thanks to her role as Lizzie McGuire and from there, became the icon we know today.

So, on this special day, her 34th birthday, we’ve been browsing through a selection of our favourite characters that she’s played on TV and in film through the years. Why? To work out exactly how we can recreate the looks of these unforgettable women

Lizzie McGuire

One of the birthday girl’s most iconic roles is – of course – Lizzie McGuire. A middle schooler living her days with her best friends Miranda and Gordo. We loved this little gang and, if Lizzie didn’t tell us how she was feeling, you bet her animated alter ego did!

Throw it back to the 2000s, where low rise jeans, baby tees and glossy lips – the look we want to recreate – were all the rage. The INC.redible Roller Baby The Original Rollerball Gloss is the best beauty product to relive your Lizzie dreams. Think super hydration, juicy shine, a rollerball applicator and a sweet scent – it’s all the nostalgia I need!

This lip gloss creates the unforgettable wet-look shine that Hilary gave us as Lizzie on the regular. Sheer, subtly lavender and tinted, this gloss will be your new best friend. It nourishes, soothes and moisturises your lips too, all thanks to its infused coconut oil.

Cadet Kelly 

It’s 2002, Avril Lavigne has just released Complicated and Hilary is starring in her second movie… you know it, Cadet Kelly! This time as Kelly, a free spirited high-schooler who has to enrol in military school.

Watching this film back, I am stunned at how great Hilary’s skin looked, even during the hard training scenes. Clean, clear and fresh faced! If this is your dream look too, it’s easy to achieve, especially with the GLOSSYBOX Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

Suitable for all skin types, but designed especially for Glossies with sensitive skin, this fragrance-free cleanser clears and refreshes with every use. It removes impurities and dirt, but doesn’t strip away moisture. With three unique ingredients – cactus stem, resurrection leaf and kangaroo paw flower extracts – this cleanser soothes, moisturises, hydrates and freshens skin.​ I love the foamy texture and how quick and easy this cleanser is to use. I have oily, sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Plus it also helps control my shine.

Sam Montgomery 

I know I’m not alone when I say A Cinderella Story was one of my favourite movies growing up! Jennifer Coolidge, Regina King and Chad Michael Murray, the cast was star-studded and over the years, it developed into a cult classic. I wanted to rollerblade like Hilary and, of course, have her dress from the Halloween Ball! That look was my absolute fave!

Sam’s eye makeup in this scene was amazing too – from the masquerade mask, to the eyeliner, to the mascara! I remember grabbing my mum’s mascara and putting on my prettiest dress to re-enact this scene whenever I could… If I wanted to do it now, I’d definitely do it with the Rimmel Wonder’Extension Mascara.

For under £8, you get instant length, definition and curl – no curlers needed. I love this mascara’s lash-grabbing wand too. Lifting each individual lash from the root, it creates the illusion of lash extensions. With extreme volume too, it’s perfect for a night out at the ball.

Tanzie Marchetta

From one cult classic to another… Material Girls saw our birthday gal in another fab film, this time alongside her sister, Haylie! A movie about beauty and a little bit of drama, this is sure to be a story Glossies will love…

My favourite thing about the Marchetta sisters was their gorgeous curly locks – the layers, the bounce and the volume! And, if you can achieve stunning curly locks too, it’s easy to do without breaking the bank. My go to curling wand right now is the BaByliss Berry Crush Curls Curling Tong. It’s so easy to use and only £30. Use the lever to softly hold your hair as you curl (no burning your fingers!), and after a few seconds, release your locks to reveal curls full of bounce.

These curlers are aesthetically pleasing too – I love their rose gold barrel and berry handle. Utterly gorgeous! The barrel is also coated with quartz-ceramic, so say hello to shiny and smooth curls!

Olivia Burke

Gossip Girl is and will always be one of the best TV shows of all time, you know that. But what you might not remember is that Hilary Duff was also a part of this historic show. 

Love Gossip Girl as much as  I do? Have a read of The Beauty Lessons These Six Gossip Girl Originals Taught Us to steal some of their best beauty tips!

In this series, Hilary plays celebrity actress Olivia Burke, who became Dan’s girlfriend and, in turn, Vanessa’s frenemy. She was only in the series for a short time, but Hilary made a massive impact! What I loved about Olivia was that her makeup always looked on point! Her base always looked smooth and fresh – and this is from a smart foundation choice. 

One of the most affordable foundations to achieve a flawless complexion is the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. It’s lightweight, creamy and buildable and perfect for taking your look from day to night – trust me when I say it’ll last! For £8.99, this foundation is a beauty bargain – it’s moisturising and gives you a smooth, radiant base. It also minimises the appearance of pores, dark circles and blemishes. This is my favourite liquid foundation and, with added SPF 20, it looks after your skin too. We couldn’t ask for much more!

Kelsey Peters

Hilary’s most recent role is as Kelsey Peters in TV series Younger. A 26-year-old book editor at Empirical Press, who becomes friends with Liza Miller, the show’s protagonist.

Hilary also recorded a song for the series called Little Lies – and, in the words of Hilary, “You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise”… Kelsey’s gorgeous voluminous hair!

Going into autumn, keeping our hair looking fabulous is a priority… We need a quick and easy way to get guaranteed shine and volume! Need a product for this? Glossies, I’ve found it!

Smooth a pea-sized amount of the Joico Power Whip through damp hair before blow-drying. Not only does this styling foam create a strong barrier against humidity (to stop you ending up with dry hair, split ends and flyaways), it also offers 72 hours of protection with a styling hold level of nine!

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