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You Could Be Showering All Wrong…

Writer and expert8 years ago
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As with washing your hair or brushing your teeth, taking a shower is all part of our regular routine so often, common mistakes crop up that we don't even realise we're making. Showering is simple enough,  so what could we possibly be doing wrong?

Well, it turns out plenty! From the proper water temperature to the tools you'll want to avoid using, if you're anything like us you'll probably be shocked at how much you've been doing wrong!

Turn down the heatWhile the thought of taking a tepid shower first thing in the morning isn't quite as tempting as standing under steaming sprays of hot water as you wake yourself up, it's far better for you. You see, really hot showers strip your skin and scalp of the essential oils they need, in turn totally drying out your body and leaving it parched beyond belief. So next time you hop in the shower, turn the temp down a notch! It'll be warm enough to open your pores without causing any damage!

Showering too frequentlyIf you're a bit of a self-confessed germaphobe like a few of us, then it's pretty likely a shower a day is a current necessity to you - but this is actually causing more harm than good. Over-washing depletes our skin of the natural oils and also lowers the PH levels. So unless you're working out on a daily basis, try and limit your showers to every other day.

Using a pouf, loofah or washcloth While they may seem like an easy way to clean your body, they're also an absolute haven for bacteria. You see, the dead skin cells they scrub off your body get stuck in the gaps for bacteria to feed on - and the warm, damp environment they're kept it along with the fact they take ages to dry simply make matters worse. Instead, try investing in an exfoliating body buffer or Konjac sponge. They'll keep your skin soft and clean but also dry quickly.

Drying offThe chills you face when stepping out of a warm shower - particularly in winter - can be almost unbearable, which leads to us quickly drying off. Rubbing your towel over your skin quickly can be too rough, which aggravates it if it's delicate and throwing your locks up in a towel quickly can also cause breakage, as this is when your hair is at its most fragile. Instead, invest in a big fluffy towel to keep you warm and gently pat your skin dry.

You're applying moisturiser too late Yep, really. To lock in the most amount of moisture you should moisturise or apply oil to your skin within five minutes of stepping out the shower and ideally, before you've even opened the bathroom door. The steam and humidity will help keep your pores open!

Writer and expert
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