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How To Bring Winter Hair Back To Life With HASK!

How To Bring Winter Hair Back To Life With HASK!
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor3 years ago
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As the temperatures plummet, we all know the importance of changing up our skincare routines to hydrate and protect. But, despite this, many of us forget to change up our haircare routines too. 

In the colder weather, our scalps are more prone to dehydration, and this teamed with intense indoor heat, can easily result in a dry scalp and brittle hair! There are however many things you can do (and a number specific treatments and products from Hask you can use!) that’ll allow your hair and scalp to cope with seasonal changes... 

(Reading this during the warmer months? We’ve also written about how to revive your hair in the spring with help from HASK. So, no matter the time of year it is, your hair will always be looking its very best!).

Wash Hair With Products That Are Moisture Rich 

Ensure your hair is getting all the hydration help it can by shampooing and conditioning with products that are extra moisturisingPacked with nutrients and amino acids to drench hair in supreme moisture, the products in Hask’s Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich haircare range are formulated with hydrating orchid and white truffle oil which help to replenish moisture, control frizz and restore overworked, brittle hair.

Moisturise With Hair Oil 

Adding a hair oil into your winter hair care routine will help combat dryness effectively. Apply few drops of the Argan Oil Repairing Hair Oil into the ends of your every day to help replenish your locks with the moisture it needs to leave it soft and shiny.

Commit To A Weekly Hair Mask 

An intense weekly mask is also a must for your hair in winter. If you’re on the hunt for one that’ll nourish your locks and keep them looking lustrous, the Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask from Hask will help! This invigorating treatment mask is blended with purifying tea tree oil and rosemary to help hydrate and soothe the scalp and hair. Gently detangling, softening and moisturising strands, this mask will leave the scalp feeling rebalanced and refreshed. 

For more on hair oils and masks, read our blog ‘Why You Should Use Hair Oil And Hair Masks This Winter. 

Protect With A Leave In Treatment 

Leave-in conditioners, sprays and creams are typically applied after you shampoo and condition, usually on towel-dried hair before styling. Not only do they moisturise unruly hair giving it a smooth and silky appearance, but they also help in detangling and strengthening hair making styling easier. They’re also great at adding shine to colour-treated hair and minimising frizz. 

Infused with cactus water for nourishment and prickly pear seed oil for lightweight moisture, Hask’s Cactus Water 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray works miracles when it comes to replenishing dehydrated hair. With five benefits in one, this spray... 

  1. Conditions and hydrates 
  2. Detangles 
  3. Resists humidity and reduces frizz 
  4. Repairs dry hair and helps prevent breakage 
  5. Adds shine 

Five Other Top Tips For Looking After Winter Hair 

  1. Cut down on heat styling - Too much heat can result in split ends and breakage, and even more so in winterWhen possible, why not opt for hair styles such as braids, buns and ponytails, or if you really want to straighten or curl, make sure you’re using heat protection spray such as Hask’s Keratin Protein Flash Blow-Dry Spray. 
  2. Never go outside with damp hair To avoid breakage, it’s critical to dry hair thoroughly before going out into the cold. 
  3. Lower the water temperature when you shower - Despite a hot shower seeming appealing, hot water can zap moisture from your hair making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. Try washing your hair with lukewarm water and follow with a cool rinse instead. 
  4. Wear a hat – when outside, cover your hair to shield it from dry air, snow, wind and rain, which will all rob your hair of moisture. 
  5. Use dry shampoo for volume – Hat hair, especially for those who find their locks get greasy easily, will lead to hair looking extraordinarily limp. Instead of frequently washing to revive hair, try using dry shampoolike Hask’s Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo to keep your tresses looking fuller and more robust. 

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Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor
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