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How To Revive Your Hair For Spring With HASK

How To Revive Your Hair For Spring With HASK
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Spring has finally arrived, and I have to admit, I’m so glad! I don’t know about you, but the cold winter weather, whipping winds and constant rain was really starting to take their toll on my locks. We’re talking dry, limp and lacklustre hair with split ends.

Luckily, though, it’s easy to revive hair now that winter is behind us! With this five-step routine, you can repair damaged strands, deeply nourish them and restore their shine. Here’s what you need to do…

1. Detox Your Hair And Scalp

If you really want to revive your locks, you need to start from scratch. You see, styling products, hair oils and even harsh water can cause build-up to settle onto your hair and scalp. Needless to say, this build-up not only harms your hair but actually creates a barrier that prevents moisturising products from being absorbed by your tresses.

My advice? Use a cleansing treatment to clarify your locks before you start rehydrating them. The HASK Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Buildup Removing Rinse will do the trick nicely!

Formulated with naturally purifying organic apple cider vinegar, it lifts unwanted build-up from your hair and scalp, leaving them cleansed and clarified. This rinse also infuses your hair with a range of antioxidants that hydrate and rebalance your tresses. You just need to massage a generous amount onto your scalp and through your wet hair, leave it to work its magic for 3 minutes, then rinse. You’ll be left with clean, smooth and refreshed hair that is ready for your remedying treatments.

Insider Tip: You can use this rinse in place of your shampoo once a week.

2. Repair Damaged Hair And Split Ends

Now that you have a fresh base to work off, it’s time to start repairing your damaged tresses. Of course, when it comes to treating split ends, it doesn’t get better than Moroccan argan oil. Known as a ‘miracle oil’, it infuses your hair with moisture to repair breakage. That’s why I’d suggest using the HASK Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing Shampoo.

Rich in omega 3 and 7, as well as vitamin E, this shampoo revives even the driest and most damaged tresses. Frizz and split ends are banished, as your hair is left glossy and silky-soft. Simply apply it onto wet hair, massage it into a thick lather, then rinse. Sleek and healthy hair awaits!

3. Nourish And Protect From Further Damage

With your tresses on the mend, you next need to lock in that moisture and protect your hair from future damage. How? Coconut oil!

The HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Conditioner is formulated with softening monoi oil, hydrating Tahitian gardenias and strengthening coconut oil to restore elasticity, stop split ends and prevent further breakage. Better yet, it keeps your hair soft and smooth too.

After shampooing, apply it generously from mid-lengths to ends, leave it for two minutes, then rinse. Trust me, your formerly lifeless locks will suddenly look more vibrant than ever.

4. Deeply Moisturise To Revive

The best way of reviving damaged hair, though, has to be with a deeply moisturising mask. Fortunately, HASK have you covered there too. They boast a whole range of deeply conditioning treatments that are full of hydrating natural goodness. Each one infuses your hair cuticles with moisturising ingredients that leave your tresses nourished and shiny.

While you’ll may receive one of these masks in our ‘Blossom’ GLOSSYBOX, I have a particularly soft spot for the Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich Deep Conditioner.

Blending luxurious orchid extract with white truffle, it provides your hair with strengthening proteins to rebalance and restore it to health. Apply a generous amount to clean, wet hair (make sure that you focus on the damaged ends), leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse. You can expect dry, distressed locks to be full of moisture, shine and vitality!

Insider Tip: Once a week, use this deeply conditioning treatment instead of your usual conditioner.

5. Hydrate And Add Shine For Extra Care

After a long winter, your hair no doubt needs all the TLC it can get. As an extra daily boost, you should also be using a nourishing hair oil. My favourite? The HASK Macadamia Oil Moisturizing SHINE® Oil.

Packed full of rich essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, it is deeply moisturising and repairing. Plus, it is light enough to penetrate deep into your hair cuticles and nourish from within. Give it a try and you’ll see that dry, damaged hair is transformed into soft, silky locks.

And there you have it, five simple steps to revive your hair thanks to American haircare brand HASK!

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