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Your Holiday Checklist For The Summer

Your Holiday Checklist For The Summer
Writer and expert5 years ago
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After seeing so many gorgeous travel pictures on Instagram, I’m dying to go on holiday. I’ve got nothing planned until August though, so I’m going to live vicariously through all you Glossies by helping you pack. Whether you’re heading to the beach, off on a city break, or going camping, I’ve got the holiday checklist for you…

Toiletries And Beauty Products

Let’s face it, haircare, skincare and makeup are holiday essentials! While you should obviously pack the mascara, hair oil and three other beauty products from this month’s GLOSSYBOX, the below items will come in handy too:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toner and moisturiser
  • An SPF, suntan lotion and after sun
  • Toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorant
  • BB cream, lip balm and any other makeup you might need
  • Mini perfume and deodorant
  • Medication


  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Razor
  • Tweezers
  • Female hygiene products

Insider Tip: If you’re flying hand luggage only (let’s face it, it’s the cheapest way to travel) then make sure all your products are under 100ml. You can then either slip them into a TSA-approved clear plastic bag, or invest in a clear travel case that is suitable for airline use.

Beach Holiday Checklist

holiday checklist

When all your toiletries are safely packed into your suitcase, you can focus on the rest of your essentials. If you’re lucky enough to be headed to a sandy beach this summer, make sure you pack your:

  • Everyday clothes (pants, socks, bras, shorts, t-shirts, jumper…)
  • Bathing suit and beach clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Refillable water bottle

If you can fit them into your car or luggage, you might also appreciate having:

  • Inflatables
  • Buckets and spades
  • Snorkelling kit

Camping Must-Haves

holiday checklist

Whether you’re going on a hard-core camping trip, or you’re glamping it up, you’ll need all of the items on this holiday checklist:

  • Everyday clothes
  • Warm clothes for cool evening and nights
  • Tent and tools to put it up with
  • Inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows
  • Torches and lanterns
  • Cooking equipment
  • Crockery and cutlery

City Break Essentials

holiday checklist

If you’re heading off to explore a new city, you’ll need the previously-mentioned toiletries, plus a few other essentials:

  • Comfortable shoes!
  • Everyday clothes
  • Pyjamas
  • (Where relevant) swim and activewear
  • Guide book
  • Umbrella, raincoat, sunglasses and/or sun hat (you might want to check the weather forecast)

Entertainment For The Journey

holiday checklist

While being on holiday is always fun, the journey getting there can feel long and boring. Don’t forget to pack a few things to keep you entertained (plus, they'll come in handy throughout the trip too!):

  • Your phone, ipod and headphones
  • A book, e-reader or tablet
  • A pack of cards (trust me, they always come in handy)

Insider Tip: Don’t forget the chargers for all your electronic devices!

You’ll also need money, your passport, any reservations information and travel tickets when relevant (think boarding pass, train ticket, …).

And that, Glossies, is your holiday checklist sorted!

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