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Limited Edition

Mother’s Day Limited Edition: MUA and Ecooking

Mother’s Day Limited Edition: MUA and Ecooking
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In case you missed the big announcement, let me bring you up to speed. Our new Mother’s Day Limited Edition is going on sale on the 10th of March! Oh and have I mentioned that it features thirteen incredible products worth over £100?

While I’ve already revealed the first three products featured in the extra special box (you can read it here), it’s time to unveil the next two from MUA Makeup Academy and Ecooking

Introducing MUA Makeup Academy’s Pro 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

Who doesn’t love getting a new makeup palette? Especially when it features six soft eyeshadows with silky pearl finishes. Well, MUA’s Pro 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Rusted Wonders boasts three soft, neutral shades that are quite subtle (and perfectly complement a bold lip), as well as three bolder and more vibrant colours that really make your eyes pop.

Making The Most Of Your Palette

There are so many colour combinations to try out, so enjoy just playing with the shades and seeing what works. If you don’t know where to start though, this might help:

MUA Pro 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette - Rusted Wonders
  • Enhance your eyes with a soft, subtle look: Apply hue 3 over your whole lid, then pack hue 2 into the centre of your eyelid, and add a touch of hue 1 to the inner corner of your eye to subtly enhance your peepers.
  • For a warm-toned smokey eye: Start by sweeping hue 2 over your whole lid, then gently buff hue 6 into the crease of your eye and blend it inwards. Add a touch of hue 2 to the inner corner of your eye. Repeat on your lower lashline.
  • For a bold eye look: Start by sweeping hue 3 over your whole lid, then buff hue 5 from the middle of your lid out towards your crease and blend the two shades together.

You’ll not only appreciate how pigmented these eyeshadows are, but how well they complement each other too. Plus, this palette is a convenient compact size that fits perfectly into your makeup bag. What’s not to love?

You’ll Also Receive Ecooking’s Firming Serum Capsules

Brought to you by Danish skincare brand Ecooking, these Firming Serum Capsules are the secret to firmer and younger-looking skin.

How Do They Work?

This serum is so effective because it contains a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient known as hexapeptide. Described as ‘botox in a jar’, this anti-ageing peptide works on different levels:

  • It delivers long-lasting hydration
  • It relaxes your facial muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • It penetrates deep into your skin to stimulate collagen production and increase your skin’s elasticity

Give it time and it will have the same effect as botox without any of the invasiveness or risk. Sounds dreamy, right?

How Do I Use Them?

When you’ve got a whole jar of the stuff, it’s sometimes hard to judge how much serum to use. Thanks to these capsules, though, you’ll get just the right amount every time.

You’ll receive 15 of them and you really don’t want to waste any! Here’s how to use them:

  • Gently twist off the top of the capsule to open it
  • Squeeze the serum into your palm and rub your hands together
  • Sweep the serum onto your face and gently massage it in with your fingertips.

While you can use it in the morning, I’d recommend applying it in the evening before your night cream. It will give the serum more time to sink in so that you wake up with better-looking skin.

When Can I Buy The Mother’s Day Limited Edition?

Now that you’re no doubt dying to get your hands on both of these products, you’re probably wondering when the Mother’s Day Limited Edition will go on sale. Well, it will be available to buy on Tuesday, 10th of March at 9am for subscribers and 12pm lunchtime that same day for non-subscribers. It will cost £25 for subscribers and £30 for non-subscribers.

More Sneak Peeks To Come

I’ll be unveiling the other 8 products featured in this Limited Edition over the next few days. In the meantime, though, you can catch up on the first sneak peeks here.

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