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Embrace the Summer Sun With Our June ‘Fresh Breeze’ Edit!

Embrace the Summer Sun With Our June ‘Fresh Breeze’ Edit!
Megan Hutchins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Here at Glossy, we are dreaming of a summer holiday far away. 

Picturing the exotic beaches, feeling the Fresh Breeze brushing your hair, the salty ocean scent tickling your nose, and the sunrays warming golden skin. A perfect holiday where being in a good mood and the feeling of pure bliss and relaxation are the priority. Can you imagine it? If so, our June ‘Fresh Breeze’ edit is one for you!  

June Edit 

This June we are taking you away to the calming Mediterranean with our ‘Fresh Breeze’ edit which is jam-packed full of specially selected must-haves that will have you ready for the sun, sea and sand. We are starting off strong with amazing products from the much loved I Want You Naked and glossy favorite Rituals. This is a duo that you definitely don’t want to miss out on! 

About I Want You Naked 

This amazing brand was created with a goal in mind: to get natural cosmetics from the organic corner, and they are sticking to that goal! They have developed all their products themselves according to their ideas and convictions. Each of their products is not only all natural with a variety of effective active ingredients but they are also carefully hand crafted in small batches, leaving a quality product that cannot come from any machine! 

I Want You Naked – Eye Ampoules 

These Eye Ampoules are an intensive treatment with an active ingredient complex that is specifically designed for the sensitive eye area. With hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, allantoin, caffeine, chlorophyll & hemp, this marvelous little product smooths and ensures a radiantly fresh eye area. 

About Rituals 

Inspired by the wisdom of ancient traditions and cultures, Rituals has created an extensive collection of products that are not only affordable, but also luxurious, for both home and body. They know that a fine fragrance has the power to transform your mood, conjure up long lost memories and leave you with a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Thus, letting them work with the world’s finest perfumers to enrich your life with signature fragrances. So, with Rituals, whether you are getting a little treat for yourself or someone else, you will find something in their wide and premium product ranges for both home and body. 

Rituals – The Ritual of Jing Shower Foam 

Embrace the relaxing and nourishing properties of Sacred Lotus and the soothing effect of Jujube with the Ritual of Jing Foaming Shower Gel. This gentle foaming shower gel is designed to help you renew, rebalance and master the art of inner peace and make you feel good. The perfect product to get you calm and ready to relax by the crashing waves this summer. 

Megan Hutchins
Writer and expert
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With a love for bold makeup and more eyeshadow palettes in my collection than I can count, I'm always looking to create new looks - with a particular soft spot for Anime cosplay makeup