The New Way To Apply Perfume…

Forget spritzing, dabbing and spraying, there’s a new way to wear scent…

There’s only ever really been one delivery system for perfume – the spray. The simple, yet effective, function provided a foolproof way of transferring that deliciously scented juice into the skin. We may have busied ourselves with placement – wrists and neck – and argued over whether rubbing our wrists together spread or ruined the scent, but ultimately another way of perfume-ing didn’t seem possible.

It’s time for a change and Byredo has come up with an entirely new way to perfume yourselves – via the Kabuki Brush. This pre-loaded clickable brush lets you dust yourself with microfine particles that deliver the equivalent of a spritz of your favourite perfume.

Forget a chorus of ‘has somebody sprayed something’ in the office when you want to top-up your scent, these brushes give you a far more subtle way to scent. Inspired by the way Japanese actors would apply their makeup in the theatre, this is a more tactile way to fragrance and adds a little more ‘ceremony’ to smelling beautiful.

Available in three of Byredo’s best-selling scents: Blanche, Gypsy Water and Bal D’Afrique at £42 each.



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