Why You Should Use Hair Oil And Hair Masks This Winter

winter hair oil

Just as it has detrimental effects on your skin, the cold and blustery weather can really take its toll on your hair too. Here’s why using a hair oil and hair mask will help to keep your hair looking healthy and hydrated throughout the winter.

Why Does Hair Need Extra Care In The Winter?

winter hair

  • The combination of blustery, windy weather and constant rubbing against your coat and scarf can cause your hair to get tangled. We’re talking seriously damaging knots. To make things worse, pulling a brush through those tangles can cause even more breakage and split ends.
  • The cold, dry air prevents your hair from retaining healthy levels of moisture, leading to parched-looking locks that are frizzy and brittle.
  • Central heating can also dry out your hair and scalp, leaving it feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

Basically, your hair endures a lot of abuse during these cold months. Don’t worry though, the beauty world has you covered with a wave of hydrating and moisturising products that are designed to breathe new life into your locks.

How To Care For Your Hair In The Winter

  • Your Daily Fix: Use A Hair Oil

Hair Oil

When it comes to restoring your hair on a daily basis, it doesn’t get much better than a hair oil. Perfectly suited for every day use, hair oil can be applied onto both damp and dry tresses to lock in moisture, repair split ends and add a healthy dose of shine.

What Is The Best Hair Oil For Dry Hair?

If you’re looking for a restoring hair oil, I can’t recommend the HASK Exotic Oil collection enough. Designed to treat and repair hair, these oils are rich in essential fatty acids that rehydrate even the driest locks. Better yet, they’re sulphate, paraben, phthalate and cruelty-free.

  • Coconut Shine Oil: Formulated with Monoi oil, which is known for its re-hydrating and softening qualities, this oil will leave you with nourished, moisturised and revived locks.
  • Keratin Shine Oil: Infused with keratin, this oil helps to smooth your locks and reduce frizz.
  • Argan Shine Oil: Filled with Argan oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, this oil helps to restore, soften and add shine to dry, damaged hair.

Simply massage a coin-sized amount from mid-lengths to ends and you’ll be left with soft and glossy tresses. Though I personally prefer to apply it into towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditioning, you can also use it on dry locks. Don’t worry, the lightweight formula absorbs instantly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue.

  • Your Weekly Fix: A Hair Mask

hair mask

Of course, if you really want to protect your hair in the winter, you should also a deeply hydrating hair mask once a week.

What Hair Mask Should I Use In The Winter?

If you’re on the hunt for a nourishing hair mask to keep your locks looking lustrous this winter, then look no further! Mane Club boasts a range of 5-in-1 deeply conditioning masks that will strengthen, condition and repair your locks, while also taming frizz and adding shine.

  • Bad Attitude Hair Mask: Boasting a lovely peach scent, this multi-purpose hair mask adds volume to dry and limp locks.
  • Cha Ching Hair Mask: Blooming with rose, raspberry and vanilla fragrances, this multi-benefit mask moisturises dry and damaged tresses.
  • Cry Baby Hair Mask: Bursting with juicy apples and oranges, this all-round mask repairs broken and damaged hair cuticles.
  • Babe Alert Hair Mask: Filled with a gorgeous floral scent, this conditioning mask adds shine.
  • Expert Procrastinator Hair Mask: Blending dessert plums and sweet lychee, this moisturising mask will leave your locks smelling as good as they look.

Once a week, apply the mask onto clean, wet hair, allow it to work its magic for 5 minutes, then rinse. It will repair damaged cuticles, leaving you with moisturised, healthy-looking tresses. If your hair is in need of some serious TLC, you can also apply it overnight then rinse it off in the morning. Healthier and stronger locks await!

Remember, if you want to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised all winter long, use a hair oil every day and a hair mask once a week. It’s a foolproof haircare ritual!

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