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Limited Edition

Introducing The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition, Packed With So Many Skin-Loving Saviours!

Introducing The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition, Packed With So Many Skin-Loving Saviours!
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor2 years ago
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So, we've already shared one Black Friday beauty bargain with you – yes, our Black Friday Limited Edition is making a comeback! But, whilst we’re on a roll, we’ve got another to tell you about. 

As you know, Glossy has its very own skincare range! Made up of 10 incredibly hard-working skincare saviours, this collection is affordable AND effective. And, because it’s been a little while since we’ve boxed these products up for you into extremely handy sets, it’s time to say hello to the GLOSSYBOX Skincare Black Friday Limited Edition!


What’s Inside The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition? 

Featuring five of our most popular skincare products together worth over £75, this edit has your whole skincare routine covered. But which five of the full 10 product range will you find inside this edit? 

1. Gentle Foaming Cleanser 

We know how hard it can be to find a good cleanser, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. Which is why we created our Gentle Foaming Cleanser. 

This sensitive skin-loving cleanser effectively removes dirt and impurities without stripping away moisture. Formulated with cactus stem, resurrection leaf and kangaroo paw flower extracts, these ingredients work together to cleanse your skin, whilst also helping to soothe, hydrate and refresh it. Simply lather two pumps onto dry or damp skin for 30 seconds and your complexion will be left looking clear and feeling comforted.

2. Hydrating Mist 

After cleansing, you should always tone and refresh your skin. That’s where our Hydrating Mist comes in. Not only does it tone, prime and replenish your skin, but its refreshing formula will add an instant boost of hydration, making your complexion feel soothed with moisture. 

Key ingredients hyaluronic acid, inca inchi oil and babassu oil each have their own unique skincare qualities... Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates skin, while inca inchi - from the depths of the Amazon forest in Peru - helps replenish the suppleness of parched skin. Similarly, Brazilian babassu oil – which is packed with fatty acids – is amazing at leaving your complexion feeling soft and nourished.

3. Eye Boost Cream 

As the skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of your body, it is particularly delicate and therefore susceptible to drying out. But don't panic, our Eye Boost Cream can help. 

Its fast-absorbing formula will lock in moisture around your eye area, and make tired, puffy under-eyes feel deeply hydrated and look brighter 

Our Eye Boost Cream is a blend of three key ingredients; elderflower extract, Eyebright plant extract and red seaweed. Elderflower extract contains antioxidants that help to protect skin and even your skin tone, whilst Eyebright helps skin to appear revitalised and more refreshed. 

Red seaweed has outstanding moisture-retaining properties too - protecting your skin’s natural barrier by locking in moisture which also helps to soften the skin. 

4. 3-in-1 Moisturiser 

Give skin a hydration boost and create the perfect base for your makeup thanks to our 3-in-1 Moisturiser! Lightweight yet powerful, it plumps, primes and protects your complexion, whilst nourishing and smoothing it too. 

Intensely hydrating, hyaluronic acid is a much-loved skincare ingredient in this moisturiser. It’s ideal for hydrating and smoothing dry skin, which in turn can help improve the appearance of fine lines. Tsubaki oil helps protect your complexion from drying out by nourishing and hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. And third key ingredient, red seaweed, again helps to protect your skin’s natural barrier, revitalising and softening the skin. 

5. Night Serum 

Soothe your skin whilst you sleep with our Night Serum. Deeply hydrating and revitalising, it will nourish and brighten your complexion whilst you slumber. With a blend of Glycolic acid, blueberry seed oil and Persian silk tree extract, our Night Serum has a number of benefits... Glycolic acid helps remove surface dead skin cells, gently exfoliating and unclogging pores to reveal smoother skin. And, as a result, makes your skin more even and illuminated.  

Blueberry seed oil is a great ingredient for hydrating and nourishing the skin, as well as moisturising and softening, while Persian silk tree extract works to revitalise and energise the skin to create a brighter-looking complexion. 


When Does The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition Go On Sale? 

The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition goes on sale to both subscribers and non-subscribers at midnight on Friday 26th November. Set your alarm, you won’t want to miss it! 

How Much Will The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Limited Edition Cost? 

Worth over £75, both subscribers and non-subscriber will be able to buy this amazing skincare set for only £25! 

Subscribe Today! 

Want to save even more on GLOSSYBOX Skincare over Black Friday and Cyber Weekend? Become a Glossy today. You’ll be able to take advantage of a whole host of other GLOSSYBOX Skincare deals and offers throughout November and beyond. You’ll also start receiving our incredible monthly boxes straight to your door. Always filled with five fabulous makeup, skin and body care products worth over £50, it’s a beauty lover's dream!
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor
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I'm someone who loves getting glammed up, but I feel like I never have enough time. Frequently running between work, the gym and seeing friends means my makeup routine is quick and often touched up on the go. Therefore, beauty products that serve as multi-purpose are perfect for me - a blush that works for cheeks and lips is a must in my makeup bag!