Have You Got These Pregnancy Must-Haves?

Rachel Kavanagh, GLOSSYBOX’s Managing Director is six months pregnant. She gives us the low-down on what works beauty-wise.

“I’m in good company: like Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge I’m currently expecting my second child. She’s a real wriggler and the movement still amazes me second time around!

This time I’ve had 24-hour sickness and headaches, perhaps as the old wives tale goes, because I’m expecting a girl. My remedy is Pret-a-Manger Pick Me Up ginger shots, which settle nausea fast!

I’ve had to strip back my entire skincare routine because I was using a lot of retinol-based anti-ageing and anti-acne products, which I’ve been advised to avoid during pregnancy because they can be absorbed into the blood stream. My advice is don’t invest too much on new products though – it’s only nine months after all.

Here’s what has works wonders for me without breaking the bank…”

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter, £3.99 and Skin Therapy Oil, £6.66
“I’ve found skin gets very dry very quickly so start full-body moisturising as soon as possible. I religiously massage this in am and pm – so far no stretch marks six months in. Just don’t forget your lower back, which is one of the worst affected areas.”

He-Shi Day To Day Gradual Tan, £15.50
“The light golden colour warms my skin-tone and makes me feel slimmer, which is a confident-boost at a time when my body is constantly changing. I used to have my own fake tan brand and pregnant women always asked me if they could use it while they were expecting. It’s safe to use, as fake tan isn’t absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. However if you’re going for a professional spray tan ask for nose plugs or use cotton to stop you from breathing it in.”

Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate, £19
“This time around my hands have been incredibly dry. I recently discovered this, and love the super hydrating, non-greasy and delicious smelling formula.”

Mama Mio Boob Tube, £31
“Breasts may head north during pregnancy, but believe me, they go back south afterwards! This helps alleviate the effects of gravity.”

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream, £22.50
“Normally known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’, pigmentation can appear due to hormonal fluctuations. This cream helps to reduce dark spots and helps stop new ones from developing  by protecting skin from the sun with SPF 30.”

Nelson’s Rescue Remedy Night Liquid Melts, £9.79 and Rescue Remedy Night Dropper, £6.49
“A few drops of this helps when my pregnancy insomnia is at it’s worst along with a relaxing mug of chamomile tea.”



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