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Our GLOSSYBOX Presents Women In Business series continues! We’ve been bringing you interviews with some of our favourite female business owners from all types of industries – and you’re loving them! 

We’ve already met Jenna Spavin, owner of Florist Rookie, a floristry business specialising in dry blooms and Lucy Hitchcock, the mastermind behind our new alfresco drinking BFF Partner In Wine!

We have more incredible women to come; including right now…

In 2018, Mehreen wanted to up her accessory game. But, when she came to the realisation that no store had the type of ‘aesthetic’ she was looking for, she decided to take matters into her own hands. After months of creating, planning and executing, the fabulously fun  bymehshake brand was born. From personalised necklaces to the brand’s beautiful butterfly collection, there truly is a piece of affordable jewellery for everyone!

Hi Mehreen! We love bymehshake! How did you bring the brand to life?

Before bymehshake, I only ever wore the same ring and the same necklace. Every. Single. Day. So I knew I wanted to change things up. I looked around but couldn’t find any brands with the exact type of accessories I was after – so I decided to make my own! I really liked the pearl clip trend that took over Instagram for months, but also realised the mark up on high end stores for a single clip was crazy! So, from this, bymehshake was launched in December 2019!

Firstly, I created a moodboard of the type of aesthetic I wanted. I started researching if the type of style I wanted to create was already readily available on the market, and once I realised it wasn’t, I started working on the branding and the website. I knew exactly where I wanted to go with these, and having a clear vision in my head really helped make the brand come to life.

Creating your brand is the first step, but how did you work out who your target audience was going to be and how to get their attention?

The products I created really told the story on who my target audience was going to be and the affordability of my products really helped with working out who was going to shop on bymehshake. Having a background in content creating has helped me with targeting this audience too. 

As I have a small following on Instagram and YouTube who have been following me for a while, they were really invested in the journey of how bymehshake began and also where it was going. I’ve been super lucky to have some amazing followers who really did support my vision from the get go! I also targeted my audience by reaching out to fellow influencer friends who were more than happy to style my pieces and show them to the world!

The collections on the bymehshake website are gorgeous. Where do you get your creative ideas from?

I love the idea of really dainty, cute pieces, but they also needed to have a lot of personality to them. I spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for pieces because it’s one of my favourite parts of running the business. My imagination runs wild thinking of products, and I feel like you can see that in my work.

My business model is trying to get the most affordable yet trendy pieces onto the market, so I spend most of my time looking at what’s trending in the fashion world. That doesn’t necessarily mean I look at particular styles of jewellery that are on trend – I look at things such as the platings and material that are trending right now (is it gold, silver, resin…) and the colours that people are loving (lilac is really trendy right now!). I also ask myself what other patterns are trending, for example floral and gingham are popular this summer.

Things seem as if they’re going amazing for you right now. Do you have anything exciting lined up for the future of bymehshake?

As the business grows, we are focusing on so many things! We currently have two major top secret projects we’re working on and can’t wait to show the world! We also have new releases daily which our customers love!

Sounds exciting! Have there been any stand out moments along the journey so far that have been just as thrilling?

Celebrating over 10,000 orders in just over a year was definitely a high point for me. Also, the fact that we are moving to our second office already! Our growth feels like a real stand out moment for me too. Bymehshake also has four people on its team now – it often feels quite surreal to me that we have created a brand that’s actually going places!

As well as all the positives, I’m assuming there are also a few difficult tasks that have to be dealt with too?

Oh for sure! The logistical side of things when running an e-commerce site can be quite challenging. It’s been quite difficult with delays due to COVID, but luckily we have some awesome customers who have always been super understanding that some things are beyond our control!

This is made up for though by the most rewarding part of running my own business – seeing people in their new accessories! It really does make me so happy that people like the products that we sell. I get SO excited when I get a new tag on Instagram or Tiktok!  

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Glossies reading this that have their own business ideas that they’d love to launch. Is there knowledge you’ve gained that you think could be beneficial to pass onto them?

It is a really daunting feeling trying to overcome the fear of actually throwing your business out there into the universe. There’s always a million different reasons you’ll tell yourself you’re not ready to turn your idea into a reality. But just remember, you’ll never really know until you go for it! You never know where you might end up! 

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