How Much Of Each Skincare Product Should You Use?

While you may think more product means both quicker and better results, the good old saying of ‘less is more’ once again rings true. Over-applying your skincare products is not only wasteful, it can also make them less effective – who knew?! 

If you’ve already worked out your skin type (not sure of yours? Check out our insta post!), and you’ve established your skincare routine, the next thing you NEED to know if how much of each product to apply!


How Much Of Each Skincare Product Should You Use? 

So, we’ve spoken to the GLOSSYBOX Skincare experts to find out how much of each type of product is perfect for helping you reach your skincare goals…


Whether you’ve chosen the Daily Micellar Gel CleanserGentle Foaming CleanserDeep Cleansing Cream or the Purifying Charcoal Cleanser, don’t be shy when applying. And if you’re double cleansing, you’ll obviously want double the amount. Cleansing for around a minute every morning and night will do wonders for your skin, ensuring that your pores are deeply cleaned.

Exfoliating Clay Scrub/ Mask

If you’re using our Exfoliating Clay Scrub as a mask, you don’t need to go overboard. Yes, you can apply the mask to your whole face but if you notice you’ve got large, blocked pores solely on your t-zonethen why not just apply it there?

Night Serum 

A pea-sized amount of our Night Serum should be more than enough to cover all areas of your face.

Eye Boost Cream 

When it comes to eye creams, you only need a small amount. And with our Eye Boost Cream, things are no different. As the skin under your eyes is more delicate than anywhere else on your body, you don’t want to apply product that’s too heavy. Three small dots of eye cream is more than enough!


During the winter especially, moisturiser is a god sendWith both our 3-in-1 Moisturiser and our 3-in-1 Rich Moisturisera pea-sized amount onto a dry face and neck is perfect for a boost of hydration that’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed.


GLOSSYBOX’s Top Tip For Applying Skincare Products 

Make sure you allow each product to seep into the skin before applying the next one in your routine! Wait around 45 seconds to a minute between each product if you can – this allows each step to work its magic and prevents your skin from being overwhelmed with too many layers at once! 

More About GLOSSYBOX Skincare 

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