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Four Hairstyles To Complement Your Jewellery…

Writer and expert8 years ago
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If you’re anything like us, your jewellery collection needs a three door wardrobe rather than a two drawer box. Earrings, necklaces, hair chains, nose rings – the limits on body adornments are literally endless.

So, what better way to showcase them than wearing your hair in a style that complements them? Here are four ways we're wearing our hair to show off our jewels this month...

Ear crawlerHaving taken 2015 by storm, the ear crawler is pretty much everywhere and definitely too gorgeous to hide under your locks. Usually only worn on one side, this ear embellishment screams for visibility with a side-swept fishtail braid. Pull your hair to the side of your head, plait into a classic fishtail and finish with a clear elastic band. As this piece of jewellery is quite quirky, you may be the kind of person who lends themselves to something a little more rogue, so feel free to pull pieces of the braid out and backcomb a little for a more lived-in street vibe.


Statement necklace We’ve all been there – you spend a fortune on a big jangling necklace that resembles a livery collar, but by the time you’ve had a blowdry it’s been totally hidden and suddenly doesn’t look quite as impressive. Well don’t worry, because that’s what low ponytails were created for. Tie your hair into a pony just above the nape of your neck and then pull out a few stands at the front and tease a few sections of hair out of the band to create a slightly messy finish. Easy peasy, pretty to look at and perfect for showcasing your extravagant neck adornment, don't you think?


Hair chain Remember the excitement of being given a black velvet hairband with your name on when you were seven? Well we get the same feeling when we rock a really amazing hair chain, which we must add, are not just for festivals. If you suit a middle parting, fantastic, but even if you don’t, this look can still work as the focus is much more on the jewellery than it is on the parting. Simply wear your hair down and straight - or you could add some loose waves using a large barrel curling tong, then run your fingers through the lengths with some texturising spray for a boho inspired ‘do.


Chandelier earringsIt’s about time we segregate the topknot from the man bun and reclaim it as one of the easiest and prettiest hairstyles to wear with a prodigal earring. When teamed with simple but beautiful makeup and a block colour dress or blouse, a fierce pair of chandelier earrings can really take a look from zero to hero in seconds. After backcombing slightly, twist your hair into a perfect little knot at the crown of your head, secure into place with a few bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray and you're good to go.


Writer and expert
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