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Neutrogena Light Therapy: Do Acne Lights Work?

Neutrogena Light Therapy: Do Acne Lights Work?
Lydia Woodward
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Beloved by Hollywood stars, LED light therapy is a skincare phenomenon that is taking the world of beauty by storm. Clinically proven to be an effective treatment to treat acne and blemishes, light therapy has been used by dermatologists for over a decade and is finally hitting the consumer market in the form of affordable light pens and masks. So I had to try the beauty phenomenon and the results are seriously impressive…

How Does Coloured Light Help Your Skin?

Coloured wavelengths of light penetrate the skin at varying depths and different colours have different effects on your skin:

Red light: reduces acne inflammation

Blue light: targets acne-causing bacteria

Pink light: is a combination of red and blue light and is therefore a dual treatment for acne

Which Light Therapy Product Is Right For Me?

Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment and their Light Therapy Acne Mask are both good options for trying out light therapy and they won’t break the bank either. Both are selling like hot cakes so I had to wait a while before I could get my hands on them!

How To Use Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

The Targeted Light Therapy Pen is aimed at those of you who suffer from 1 to 3 spots at a time. Personally, I love the on the go nature of the pen – I take it with me whenever I travel because it’s so small and easy to throw into my hand luggage.

This acne fighting pen is so easy to use. You simply lightly hold the pen onto the spot or the area where you are prone to spots (for me it’s around my chin) for 2 minutes, 3 times per day. The device automatically turns off after 2 minutes and will beep twice. It’s as easy as that!

This two-minute spot treatment harnesses the energy from red and blue light which gently filters through skin targeting acne-causing bacteria! After applying the targeted acne pen to a spot, it’s not as red or sore the next day.

What Does Light Therapy Feel Like?

While using the mask or the pen, I felt a tiny bit of heat on my skin, but it’s in no way uncomfortable. In fact, it’s good to feel that it’s working and penetrating the skin.

Using the light pen is really therapeutic. It's 'me time' at the end of the day!

How To Use Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask

The full LED face mask treatment is aimed at those who suffer from frequent breakouts and I would recommend the mask if you have reoccurring acne in certain areas.

I also think the mask is easier to use as you don’t have to hold it in place (like the light pen) you just place the headband around your head, sit back and relax. It’s just not as easy to watch TV with the mask on as it is using the pen!

For best results use the mask every day, for 10 minutes. The mask however doesn’t last as long as the pen - after using the mask 30 times you will need to repurchase a treatment activator to use it again.

You should also continue with your regular daily cleansing routine before using the mask and ensure that your skin is clean and dry before placing the mask on.

After 10 minutes, the mask lights will automatically turn off so there is no need to worry about falling asleep! You can also practice some mindfulness or yoga while wearing it!

You can be relaxing, practicing mindfulness and improving your skin at the same time. It’s a win win.

How Long Will It Take To See Results From LED Light Therapy?

After using these treatments for 12 weeks, 98% of acne sufferers showed fewer breakouts! The mask even helps acne in as little as 1 week.* My skin is definitely receptive to light therapy, because redness in my spot prone areas was gone the next day.

*Clinical study on 52 subjects with mild to moderate acne, 12 weeks with 10 min daily use.

Will LED Light Therapy Age Or Harm My Skin?

Now it’s understandable that you may be concerned that the light therapy may harm your skin. You don’t need to worry though because both of the Neutrogena devices are UV and chemical-free treatments.

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