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World Mental Health Day: The Glossy Team Opens Up

World Mental Health Day: The Glossy Team Opens Up
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls5 years ago
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On WorldMentalHealthDay we recognise the importance of talking about your mental health more openly and honestly. The recent movement 'It's okay not to be okay' has really helped to normalise talking about mental health issues - every story shared is another step towards acceptance that we all go through hard times and it's normal.

Celebrities are opening up publicly too. Ariana Grande recently spoke about her struggle with PTSD following the Manchester attack. Demi Lovato has been very open about her struggle with drug addiction and mental illness since the age of 18 and Selena Gomez has opened up with her struggle with depression and anxiety over the last couple of years which stem from her health battle with lupus.

The Glossy team also opened up this week to share how they cope with their stressful lives and when they're feeling a bit down, what simple techniques work for them...

You can donate to the to the Mental Health Foundation here. The Mental Health Foundation champions good mental health for all!

Me: Listen To Music and Go on a Brisk Walk 

Create a ritual that signifies the end of your working day to help switch off - change your clothes or put on some music. This can help you to change your state of mind from alert to relaxed!

Fresh air does you the world of good.

There's nothing I love more than getting home from work, putting on my comfy clothes and my favourite tunes and going for a long brisk walk to clear my mind and to get some fresh air!

Lois - Read a Good Book 

Reading is good for relaxing the soul! 

When I am feeling stressed or anxious, I like to pick up a good book and read until I can feel myself calming down.

I also enjoy weaving, listening to music and the gym. I bought a weaving kit on Etsy so I could learn to weave and I haven't looked back. I find all these activities calm me down. 

Jess - Cuddle Your Pet and Go to the Gym 

Having a pet is scientifically proven to improve your mental health. People who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure so if you don’t have one why not borrow one?

I love taking my gorgeous dog Bailey for a walk and having a cuddle! I also burn off a lot of energy in the gym.

Jess & Bailey

Alice - Use the Calm App 

The Calm App is the #1 app for meditation and mindfulness. It has lots of audio books, narrations and calming music to relax and clear your mind. It also has breathing exercises on there to calm you down.

If I am overthinking or have anxiety to the point where I can’t sleep I use the Calm app.

Fran - Switch Off Your Phone and Go for a Long Walk 

Have an evening phone ban so you can be present with the ones you love! It doesn’t have to be all night, try turning your phone off after 9pm as this will increase your chances of gaining some quality sleep. If you use your phone as an alarm, buy an alarm clock!

I turn my phone off when I want to really switch off. I recently went on a Forest Holiday and completely switched off from everything - it was bliss.

Lucy - Have a Relaxing Bath 

Aromatherapy oils really help to clear my mind and to relax.

I love adding an aromatherapy oil to my bath, lighting a candle and listening to the Live Lounge.

I recommend the Soothing Bath Oil from ESPA. Simply draw your bath, add one or two inner caps of the oil, immerse yourself then deeply inhale the aromas.

Did you enjoy the Glossy team sharing their tips and tricks? It's ok to share how you feel. Sometimes simple techniques like these really help to improve your mood. Continue the discussion here
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls
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