Best Makeup For Freckles – GLOSSYBOX UK

Best Makeup For Freckles – GLOSSYBOX UK

During the summer, many of us can’t handle a full face of makeup under the heat. It helps that it’s super on trend to model a dewy complexion and a natural makeup look this season especially after the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, graced us with a stunningly subtle makeup look on her wedding day, displaying her freckles with pride.


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There’s something super summery about accentuating your freckles that really adds to your beauty look. The trouble we find when wanting to display our natural freckles is finding the right level of foundation coverage. Too heavy of a formula and they’ll disappear completely, too light and you wonder why you bothered applying it in the first place.

If you’re freckly, we would recommend going for a sheer coverage foundation, tinted moisturiser or just using a concealer on those blemishes that are really bothering you. Definitely use a beauty blender to apply whatever you wish as it perfectly blends the product into your skin so your freckles can shine through.

If you don’t have freckles and are desperately wishing you did, fake it! Take a brow pencil, preferably a cream formula, in a shade similar to your brow colour (or use more than one shade for this look so the faux freckles appear more natural) and lightly dot the pencil on and around your nose, then work outwards onto your cheeks and even your forehead. It’s important to create different sized freckles so they don’t look too regular, so do this by varying the pressure of the brow pencil.

We’re seeing beauty moving towards effortless, healthy, glowing skin even if you’re wearing makeup. So, embrace your natural beauty and let it shine!

Alice Keegan

Alice Keegan

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