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How To Meditate: Clear Your Mind With Mantras

Writer and expert8 years ago
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Meditation is in no way as daunting as it can sound. In fact, we're starting to see a cultural shift in the way we think and talk about it, as it's quickly becoming the trendy way to relieve yourself of stress, anxiety and generally feel more peaceful. how to meditate

It's the art of silencing the mind, which in turn increases our concentration and calms us in a world where our daily lives involve the likes of an often trying commute and long working hours. We know one thing for sure, it's something each and every one of us could benefit from.

Wondering how to get started? Simply sit comfortably anywhere you wish (ideally somewhere quiet), close your eyes and bring all your attention to the sensations of breathing in and out slowly. Allow any thoughts that come into your mind to pass, and purely concentrate on the fine art of breathing. Once you've got the hang of this (it's harder than it sounds to clear your mind of general thoughts), you can add some mantras into the mix.

Repeating your own mantra (which means 'word' in Hindu) is a great way to help yourself into a meditative state - the purpose being to achieve a certain goal, from boosting your confidence to getting a new job. Ergo, it's a great way to get more from the year ahead, you just need to set your mind to it. Literally.

Here are five mantra's we are coveting for 2016, try repeating them twenty times and see how you feel...

'I am...'This is one of the most powerful mantras - and it totally makes sense why. When you tell yourself 'I am scared' or 'I am unhappy',  how do you feel? Simply select a positive word that describes how you want to feel and add it onto the end -  whether it's successful, happy, fearless, independent or something else entirely.

'Love'To create an atmosphere of love, the key is to focus on the physical feeling you get when you say the word itself. There's nothing quite like the feeling of love washing over you when you feel upset or angry.

'I change my thoughts, I change my world'Pretty self explanatory, but if you have negative thoughts circling around in your head, concentrate on flipping them into positives. Negative thoughts have a negative impact on our lives, and so it only makes sense that if you flip them into positives, it'll have a positive impact.

'Relax'If you've had a stressful day, are worried about something like an interview or an exam or just generally have a lot going on in your life, repeating the word 'relax' to yourself can help to alleviate any anxiety and bring you back down to a calm state.

'I can'If you're struggling through tough times at work, the breakdown of a relationship or the loss of someone close, it can often be easy to tell yourself you can't get through it. Instead, set your mind to telling yourself you can (because you can, and you will) by repeating the words 'I can' over and over while in a meditative state. It'll help give you a boost in self confidence, reassurance and put you in the mindset to keep going.

Writer and expert
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