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Thinning Hair? Here’s How To Achieve Thicker Looking Locks

Writer and expert7 years ago
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The subject of hair loss was, for a long time, thought to be an issue exclusive to men and a few unlucky women. In recent years though, more research has come to light that proves thinning hair in women is really quite common, with one in five women over 25 in the UK experiencing some sort of hair loss.

Andrew Bidwell, co-founder of hair care Swell that specialises in fine and thinning locks, says there are a myriad reasons why hair can be thin, or become thinner. “The causes can be hereditary, dieting or sudden weight loss, medication, stress and lifestyle, ageing, hormonal or there may also be an iron or a vitamin deficiency. Some of these can be easily rectified, some not so easily.

Here are a few top tips...

Who to speak to Andrew advises chatting with your GP, but also seeking advice from your hairdresser or seeking out a trichologist to get the bottom of what’s causing your hair to thin. 'If you do visit your GP you want to check for a lack of iron, vitamins and also to see whether there are any hormonal imbalances.'

Look at your diet Andrew suggests making some changes in the kitchen. 'Some foods really support hair health so eat healthily and include lots of greens, fish oils and fatty acids. And if you are dieting, but you’re worried about your hair, do it gradually because a crash diet can have a huge impact on hair.'

Choose the right hairdresser 'If your hair is thinning or fine you need to go to a stylist who specialise in cutting and stylin0g that sort of hair texture,' advises Andrew. 'A good cut can double the appearance of hair thickness and a good stylist will know that a one-length blunt cut is not the answer. Soft layering techniques will add volume without thinning ends.'

Learn some new skills 'When you find a stylist you’re comfortable with, get them to show you how to back brush or use a roller so you can add the volume yourself at home,' says Andrew.

Tips and tricks 'Arm yourself with a few tip and tricks,' says Andrew. 'Tint your roots a shade darker as this gives the illusion of greater hair density. Also avoid products containing silicones as make it very difficult to add volume to fine, thin hair.'

Five things to buy...

The kitSwell’s products have been created especially for fine and thinning hair and contain Apple Stem Cell extract that’s been proven to be an anti-ager for hair. Swell 3-Step Discovery Kit, £25

Volumising lotion A firm favourite for thinning and fine hair, this heat-activated styling lotion gives hold without the weight meaning hair stays bouncy not flat and lifeless. Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir, £9.50

Thickening mousse A mousse with a difference - the difference being patented thickening molecules, which create ‘dots’ between the strands so hair feels thicker. Also, completely silicone free. Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse, £23

Shampoo Fine hair often looks between the day after it’s been washed when natural oils and styling products have ‘bedded in’. This shampoo effectively cleans, but also adds texture to clean hair for that ‘day 2’ bounce and volume. Redken Beach Envy Volume Texturising Shampoo, £10.15

ConditionerConditioner can leave a smoothing residue that can leave hair feeling heavy and difficult to style - it’s heavier than volumising mousses and wins the battle against bounce - but this manages to hydrate and nourish hair without pulling hair down once styled. Kerastase Densifique Conditioner, £15.65

Writer and expert
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