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Jecca Blac Celebrates All Gender Identities And Skin Tones

Jecca Blac Celebrates All Gender Identities And Skin Tones
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Among the 5 incredible must-haves nestled inside this month's 'Aloha’ edit is the Glow Drop Primer by Jecca Blac, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones 

We chat to Jecca Blac founder Jessica Blackler and introduce you to your first sneak peek... 

Please note: The July ‘Aloha’ GLOSSYBOX has now sold out. You will only receive this box if you were a GLOSSYBOX subscriber before 9am on Thursday 11th of June. 

Introducing Your Glow Drop Primer 

We’re so excited about this partnership with Jecca Blac and have been dying to tell you that you’ll all receive the incredible Grow Drop Primer this month!

This makeup bag essential not only primes your skin ready for makeup, but it creates a dewy base too (a natural, holiday-worthy glow anyone?). Better yet, it is universally flattering so, regardless of your skin tone or type, it will give your complexion a hydrated, radiant finish 

How To Apply It 

jecca blac tutorial

To Create A Glowing Base For Your Makeup

Trust us when we say that you’re going to love these drops! To make the most of them, simply apply them over your whole complexion by gently patting and massaging 3 or 4 drops into your skin with your fingertips. When they have been evenly spread and blended, you can start applying your concealer and foundation over the top. Together, they will give your complexion a natural lit-from-within glow 

For An Extra Glow

Everyone loves a multipurpose product - which is why you'll love this primer. You can also apply it over your makeup as a highlighter. Dab it onto your cheekbones, brow bone, your Cupid's bow and the tip of your nose for added radiance. You can also use it on your collar bone for an all-over glow.

To Add A Subtle Radiance

Of course, if you don’t wear base makeup, you can also apply it over your moisturiser to add a subtle radiance.  

Jecca Blac Is All About Inclusivity 

If you haven’t heard of Jecca Blac before, allow me to introduce you. They are a vegan, cruelty-free, and gender-free makeup brand that celebrates all makeup wearers and encourages you to express your uniqueness. 

Created for those who feel overlooked by the beauty industry, Jecca Blac is for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tonesAs such, they are spreading an incredibly empowering message about belonging and inclusivity, so I couldn’t resist chatting to makeup artist and Jecca Blac founder Jessica Blackler about the brand’s beginnings. 

A Q&A With Jecca Blac founder Jessica Blackler

Q: When did you start teaching transgender women how to apply makeup? 

A: "Whilst I was working in film and TV as a makeup artistI was also working as a freelancer for private makeup lessons. That's where I began receiving requests from people who were experimenting with makeup for the first time. Most of my clients were trans women who wanted to understand how to apply makeup to suit their needs."

Q: Why was this so important to you? 

A: "Helping clients discover makeup for the first time was so fulfilling."

I was contributing to making people feel beautiful and comfortable.

"In some cases, this was the first time they felt they were being themselves. As well as having clients in my studio, I would also help those transitioning inside prison."

Q: When and why did you decide to launch your makeup brand?  

A: "I was inspired by my clients to create a brand that overlooked gender and concentrated more on beauty. I found that clients would have similar makeup concerns and I wanted to create solutions for my clients.

Our first product was created to cover beard shadow but can also be used to cover all over base. All of our products are still inspired by our customers and we have built a community around the brand that massively contributes to our brands direction and growth."

Q: How do you think it has helped to empower people?  

A: "I believe Jecca Blac empowers people as it resonates with those who had previously felt overlooked by the beauty industry. As a consumer, it's important to know that brands are taking your needs into consideration and many of my customers felt like theirs weren't."

Q: What is the key message you want your brand to send?  

Jecca Blac wants all makeup wearers to feel celebrated and our brand encourages you to enjoy your uniqueness.  

Q: Have you ever had any backlash from it?  

A: "Every brand/influencer/advocate will receive backlash if you stand for something strong and bold. We have received backlash, but that doesn't stop us from working toward our goals. We want to break down stigma behind the beauty industry and thankfully we have an amazing community to help turn backlash into an opportunity to educate."

Q: Before we wrap up, tell me, what product are you most proud of?  

A: "I am proud of all of our past and current launches but if I had to pick one it would be the Correct & Conceal Palette. I am proud that it was our first product launch and remains our bestselling product. People love it!"

To explore Jecca Blac’s full makeup range, head over to their website. 

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