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The Secret To Great Skin Is Here

Writer and expert9 years ago
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You may be lucky enough to have discovered Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar already. This souped up moisturiser has won over the likes of Oprah Winfrey as well as a host of other A-listers and beauty editors. Eighteen years on, it’s been reformulated and after a couple of weeks using Renewed Hope In A Jar, your skin will look transformed.

“Not only does it provide a drink of water for skin, but it gives women that fresh-faced glow they get from a weekly peel, every day,” says Robin White, Director of Global Press at Philosophy and all-round skincare-whizz. “It’s down to a combination of three different AHAs (glycolic, citric, mandelic) that gently nibble away at surface dead skin cells, hydrating hyaluronic acid and brightening ingredients that work to boost skin’s microcirculation.”

But a super-moisturiser is only part of the skincare puzzle. We asked Robin to reveal the rest, and boy does she know her stuff: it’s written all over her smooth, glowing skin.

Cleanse“My girlfriends guiltily confess to still grabbing soap or not removing their make-up at all. Most of us live in cities where the air is full of dirt and pollution that accumulates on our faces, lodging in pores and irritating skin if it’s not cleansed away. It need only take thirty seconds but it’s vital.”

Treat“There are many ways to treat skin but the key is understanding what you want to tackle most; uneven pigmentation, lines, redness, dryness. Retinols and retinoids are the gold standard anti-ageing skin ingredient, so I tell my girlfriends to do themselves a favour and start with something like Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Retinol Pads, £62.”

Hydrate“Here’s where Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar, £35.50 comes in. While you exfoliate once a week for an immediate effect, this offers women that fresh-skinned glow every single day as well as the hydration and luminosity that characterises healthy, youthful-looking skin.”

Peel“Though it sounds intimidating and scary, using a mild at-home peel at least once a week does a tremendous amount to correct ageing, stimulate collagen, and reveal the fresh skin that’s lurking somewhere beneath those dry, dead skin cells. I admit to begging every women to do it!”

Protect"We know it, but many of us still aren't actually doing it. Wear SPF 30 every day, especially if you are using any sort of peel, retexturising moisturiser or exfoliator."

Writer and expert
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