Upscale Your Glossybox: Hanging Shelves

If you a few empty boxes lying around and are wondering what to do with them, we have an idea that will also give you a little extra storage space for all your beauty products.

These shelves can be hung anywhere and you can personalise them to suit your needs – whether you want to make them longer and ergo create more storage or change up the spacing between each section. To start you off, here’s how to make three-tiered hanging shelves…

1. Using the tip of a pencil, create a hole in each corner of your box base.

2. Thread either a piece of strong black ribbon or some thin rope through each hole, tying it in a knot at the end to secure.

3. Measure the distance you want between each shelf.

4. Tie a knot into each piece of ribbon at the distance you decided on.

5. Thread another box base onto your four pieces of ribbon, so the bottom of the second base is resting on the knots you’ve just tied. upscale-glossybox-hanging-shelves-step6

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to secure your third shelf in place. We used a lid for this shelf, but you could also use another base if you wish!

7. Your shelves are now ready to hang up! We tied the ends of our ribbons together into a bow, then hung them from a hook on the wall.



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