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Five Things You’re Probably Doing That Cause Spots…

Writer and expert7 years ago
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We’ve all been there – waking up sensing a small part of your face having its own tiny heartbeat and wondering what that huge bulging lump is on your chin. Yep, you’ve got it, the blemish bus is in town and you’ve got a front row seat. But how did it even get there? It wasn’t there last night and you made sure you washed your face before bed. Well don’t panic, we don’t judge you.

It’s not you, it’s them. Check out the top five things we’re all probably doing, that are likely contributing to your never ending battle of the blotches.

Spring clean your tools We know, your Sundays usually consist of a belly busting breakfast, vat of coffee and two paracetamol, so the last thing on your mind is getting your duo fibre and expert face brushes out and starting a deep clean. But trust us, you must. Makeup brushes and blending sponges are like a Butlins for bacteria – it’s the ultimate playground and the ideal environment to thrive. You don’t need anything fancy, just some fairy liquid, warm water and kitchen roll, then leave them hanging bristles down (to save the water getting into the handles) and you’re done. Make it your Sunday ritual and it will become habit in no time.

Don't milk it Milk - fabulous for strong teeth and bones, not so fabulous for your skin; it contains androgen hormones which increase testosterone levels which in turn increase your risk of spots. Milk is in everything we know and love: lattes, chocolate, cheese, yogurt…the list goes on. But, if you can reduce your intake of the stuff, you should see a big difference in the texture and health of your skin over time.

'Hey, it's acne calling' If you are as obsessed as us with Instagram stalking, butterfly crown Snapchat filters and hour long chats with your bestie over both of the aforementioned, then you likely spend the majority of your day with your phone either in your hand or stuck to your face. Issue here is that considering phones make their way into the bathroom, the kitchen, the tube and even the floor (if you’re unlucky), they’re pretty much laden with bacteria that you end up smothering all over your lovely face. So, at least every few days, just run an antibacterial wipe over the screen and be done with it. Lovely.

Double cleanse You may think that a once over with your foaming face wash is sufficient after a night on the tiles and seven layers of double wear but trust us, it really isn’t. If you do nothing else before bed, double cleanse. Cleanse once to rid your skin of makeup and dirt, then again for a deeper, more nourishing cleanse that will leave your pores free from the spot causing nasties such as excess sebum, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Tone, serum and moisturise, then off to bed you go. Voila!

Annnd breathe... Stress is a demon; if left unchecked can not only lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, but be a considerable factor in more minor health concerns, such as the quality of your skin. In a digital driven world where you never really give yourself a chance to take five, zone out, breathe and be mindful, it’s very easy to become stressed over every little thing. While scientists don’t know the exact reason behind why stress can cause spots, they do see a direct response to risen cortisol levels (caused by stress) and getting acne. So, take some time out, if not for you, for the sake of your skin!

Writer and expert
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