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Eternal Sunshine Beauty Guide: Ariana Grande-Inspired Makeup Must-Haves Under £7

Eternal Sunshine Beauty Guide: Ariana Grande-Inspired Makeup Must-Haves Under £7
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer4 months ago
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Glossies, as we say goodbye to March, of course we have to celebrate the highlight of the month, which was of course Ariana Grande releasing her seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. Her best album to date, if I may be so bold glossies. Keep scrolling, as we go track by track of this pop/r&b mix, with a beauty find to match! Not only that, to celebrate her seventh album, everything is under £7!

Track 1 - intro

A perfect introduction to the album, and of course the best introduction to your makeup routine is a good primer! The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer, is a steal for £6. Create a smooth base with this long-wearing primer. Perfect for minimising the appearance of fine lines, pores and has an overall blurring effect! I love this as it lasts all day, keeps your vase looking matte and fresh and helps keep shine & oil at bay!

Track 2 - bye

A cute bop that talks about the end of a relationship. Reminding us to stay self aware and keep shining. The way we can all shine is self-expression through makeup. My favourite way to do this is with my eyeliner. Makeup Revolution Awesome Eye Liner - Double Flick, is a bargain for under £3. A jet black dual-ended pen, that you can either use for a bold, boss babe look or a feminine winged liner. So whatever mood you're in, or look you are going for, this pen will let you express it!

Track 3 - don't wanna break up again

This track perfectly shows off how a woman can be resilient. This reminds me of how important looking after yourself is. One way to look after yourself is through self care. Westlab Sleep Bathing Salts are my absolute favourite way to practice self care. Run a nice hot bath, fill the tub with these vegan bath salts and let the lavender and jasmine transport you to a state of relaxation for your body, and most importantly your mind.

Track 4 - saturn returns

In honour of this celestial interlude, I had to choose an out of this world highlighter, my new go to is Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow. This illuminating liquid highlighter comes in 7 celestial shades. Whichever shade you go for, you'll be giving your cheekbones a gorgeous glow you could see from space! On application your skin is given a stunning radiance, that gives you a natural glow, just like when your saturn returns.

Track 5 - eternal sunshine

The title track, so of course I had to choose a gorgeous red lippie to show off to you here. In honour of the stunning album cover. There are lots of lippies out there but the Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lipstick - Redical, is my favourite red lippie you can go for! Lasting for upto 8 hours, this nourishing lippie formulated with beeswax, gives your lips a ravishing red colour as well as a handful of hydration! Everything you want from a good reliable lippie!

Track 6 - supernatural

The sexiest song on the album (ariana said it herself!). Nothing makes me feel sexier than a good scent glossies. For under £7 the Makeup Revolution Revolutionary Noir Rollerball, is perfect for pop in any handbag! This spicy yet sweet scent mixes a yummy smell of vanilla and coffee that perfectly contrast each other for a classic, feminine scent. A perfect accessory to any outfit and makeup look. A good scent can elevate any look and any mood.

Track 7 - true story

In words of the albums creator, Ariana describes this song as the bad girl anthem. I love this song and it inspires me when I'm getting ready for a night out, it brings out my inner boss babe! So does Barry M Cosmetics Showgirl Volume Mascara. One swipe of this intense black pigmented mascara, you get a set of full, thick lashes. The buildable formula coats every individual lash and gives you maximum definition, that rivals any falsie!

Track 8 - the boy is mine

A fun take on the original song of the same name. As Ariana says, this is a sister track to the previous one. Another sexy, empowering song. This inspires me to put on my glossiest lippie and look fierce! My fave British makeup brand Lottie London has a juicy lippie called Lottie London Oil Slick Gloss - Blueberry Kiss. Full of vitamins, this creates a high shine, fuller-looking pout. Almond oil gives you instant hydration and as an added bonus this lippie smells super yummy!

Track 9 - yes and?

The first song we heard from the new album! In January we were treated to a new song and music video. In the video we see Ariana showcase her dance skills in a gorgeous one piece, with striking red nails. To channel your inner Ari, apply Illamasqua Matte Nail Varnish - Amy Red onto your nails! A highly pigmented red varnish that gives you a dramatic matte finish! You can easily build this up to give you a bolder, more rich red colour too! (Just make sure to let the first coat fully dry before re-applying).

Track 10 - we can't be friends

Ariana's latest single and music video (I'm sure like me glossies you cried at the video, wasn't it just stunning!) Ever since the video came out I have fell back in love with creating art on your complexion. Whether that's with face jewels, gems or glitter. It may not be festival season but it's never a wrong time to use NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter - Lumi. A white glitter that is perfect to use on the face and the body, you can create shapes, designs, whatever you like! You can apply directly onto skin or combine with your favourite products to give you an illuminated look whenever you fancy!

Track 11 - i wish i hated you Glossies, this song is too heart wrenching to even talk about. If you've heard it you get it. If you haven't, take a listen because it's stunning. Let's move swiftly on...

Track 12 - imperfect for you

Another beautiful honest song. Highlighting the beauty of imperfections whether that's in a relationship or in yourself. Glossies, this is your reminder you are perfect just the way you are. So show yourself off. You don't always need a full coverage concealer or foundation, sometimes a light coverage, showing off your natural beauty if even more beautiful! Florence by Mills Like a Light Skin Tint, gives you this nice alternative option. On application your complexion is immediately hydrated and illuminated. Infused with Meadowfoam, this skin tint shields our skin from environmental aggressors and damaging blue light. A perfect alternative to your current full coverage foundation.

Track 13 - ordinary things

The final song on the album and of course I had to finish this list with the final step in any beauty routine...a handy, trusty setting spray. Just under £7 the Sleek MakeUP Lifeproof Illuminating Fixing Mist is stunning! Setting your makeup in place all day while giving you a healthy radiance. Perfect for all skin types, this brightens your complexion after one spritz. Think luminous skin, dewy complexion and long-lasting results!

Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!