Six Candy-Inspired Beauty Products To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Six Candy-Inspired Beauty Products To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

This September, we’re serving up delicious beauty. Among the six mouth-watering products in our September box is a scrumptious Limited Edition hand gel by Carex. Scented just like your favourite sweets, it is one of the best candy-inspired beauty products.

With that in mind, I’ve curated a list of all the beauty products that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Six Candy-Inspired Beauty Products To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Everything You Need To Know About These Candy-Inspired Beauty Products


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    Carex Love Hearts And Strawberry Laces Hand Gels

    If you’re on the hunt for candy-inspired beauty products, you can’t beat these scrumptious cleansing hand gels by Carex. They really do smell good enough to eat (though obviously you can’t actually consume them)!

    Those of you who have already received our September ‘Delicious Beauty’ edit will have found a Carex hand gel nestled inside your box. Whether you were treated to their fruity Strawberry Laces fragrance or their Swizzels Love Hearts one, your hand gel will remind you of your favourite childhood sweets.

    I just love the Love Hearts scent! A fun and delicate fragrance, it takes me back to playground crushes.

    Small enough to slip into your handbag, these hand gels are the perfect on-the-go companions to clean, care and protect your hands. Simply apply a small dollop into the palm of your hands, then massage it into your skin until it is fully absorbed. It will not only cleanse your skin, but it will leave it smelling deliciously sweet!

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  2. NYX Professional Makeup Candy Slick Glowy Lip Gloss
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    NYX Professional Makeup Candy Slick Glowy Lip Gloss

    If you love sweetly-scented makeup, then you’re going to adore this lip gloss. Created by one of my favourite brands, NYX Professional Makeup, this lip gloss comes in 12 juices shades.

    All of these lip glosses are inspired by delicious sweet treats.

    My favourite? Jelly Bean Dream! It’s a popping shade of pink that suits all skin tones. It smells luscious too! Simply glide it onto your lips, starting from the middle and working your way out towards the corners of your mouth.

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  3. Frank Body Cherry Lip Scrub
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    Frank Body Cherry Lip Scrub

    This lip scrub really does smell good enough to eat!

    Boasting a delicious cherry scent, it reminds me of Haribo’s Happy Cherries sweets.

    The sugar acts as a natural exfoliator that gently buffs away dry skin, while grapefruit extracts hydrate your lips and beeswax moisturise your pout.

    Of course, you can’t actually consume it. Instead, buff a pea-sized amount onto dry lips for 30 seconds, then rinse it off. You’ll be left with a velvety-soft pout that looks smoother and fuller.

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  4. MOR Marshmallow Body Cream
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    MOR Marshmallow Body Cream

    Another one for candy lovers, this body cream smells like marshmallows and cotton candy!

    Formulated with shea and cocoa butter, this nourishing body cream moisturises, softens and protects. It’s also infused with rosehip and avocado oils which work to restore and smooth your skin.

    Most of all though, I just love this body butter’s playful texture – it feels just like whipped cream!

    Simply apply it as you would any body cream and breathe in its sweet and indulgent fragrance.

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  5. MAC Shadescents - Candy Yum Yum
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    MAC Shadescents - Candy Yum Yum

    The clue’s in the name with this one. This fragrance boasts delicate notes of cotton candy that smell quite simply yummy!

    When it comes to candy-inspired beauty products, this one is irresistible!

    While the overarching scent is a fruity and floral one (you’ll detect tropical guava, cherry blossom and iris flower), you’ll also catch soft notes of vanilla and cotton candy.

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  6. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette
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    Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

    While you’ve no doubt seen Too Faced’s famous Chocolate Bar palette (that one looks good enough to eat too!), their Sweet Peach palette is just as indulgent!

    It boasts 18 gorgeous shades of peachy pinks, corals, nudes, purples and browns that are highly-pigmented and blend effortlessly. You can mix and match the matte and shimmery shades to create a multidimensional look that really makes your eyes pop.

    Most importantly for the sweet-lovers out there, though, all 18 shades are infused with a mouth-watering peach scent. Every time you open it up, you’ll be met by a sweet fragrance. A true delight!

    And there you have it Glossies, six candy-inspired beauty products that will indulge your sweet tooth.

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