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Vintage Beauty Tricks From Hollywood’s Iconic Stars

From mastering a soft-focus glow to contouring cheekbones, Hollywood’s screen sirens had a tip or two under their stylish sleeves. While these intelligent, charismatic women were more than just pretty faces, they worked tirelessly to find the best angles on (and off) camera, leading to fascinating beauty routines.

In celebration of April’s Iconic Hollywood Collector’s Edition GLOSSYBOX, which was inspired by Hollywood’s greatest screen stars, we shed light on their timeless beauty tricks.

The Monroe Pout
Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist, Allan “Whitey” Snyder, reportedly used five or six shades of lipstick to enhance her famously voluptuous lips. He applied dark reds to the outer corners of Marilyn’s mouth and paler rose shades in the middle to make her lips appear fuller. Today, you need just one shade to create the perfect Hollywood mouth: Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Kiss, £10, which doubles as both liner and lipstick.

The feline flick
Elizabeth Taylor put the cat-eye on the map with her exaggerated feline flick in the film Cleopatra. She was required to master it herself when her make-up artist, Alberto De Rossi, hurt his back and was unable to join the crew for filming. Elizabeth created an exaggerated curved flick, which we still wear today, albeit toned down.

The first tightliner
Audrey Hepburn’s eye make-up was as pared-back as her style. She tightlined along lashes, kicked the eyeliner into a flick at the outer corners and applied mascara, before separating her lashes with a pin for a feathery sweep. GLOSSYBOX loves POP Beauty’s range of eyeliners, £6.50, and we recommend investing in a lash-comb – much safer!

A calling for cold creams
Hungarian-born dermatologist Dr Erno Laszlo was the go-to man for both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and you can still buy his products today. However, no film set was without two staples: Petroleum Jelly (such as Vaseline), which created a flattering soft focus glow when smeared over skin and do-it-all cold creams such as Astral Original Face & Body Moisturiser, £3.89. Cold creams do the job of several products making them a make-up remover, face and/or body moisturiser and hydrating mask in one – the prefect multitasker then and now.

The original contouring queen
It wasn’t Kim Kardashian, but Grace Kelly that put contouring on the map. She used a rosy blush to define her cheekbones and then dusted a slightly darker shade underneath to exaggerate the hollows of her cheeks.

Baths and bubbles
There’s a famous shot of actress Jayne Mansfield taking a bath in her carpeted pink bathroom. Nicknamed ‘The Pink Palace’ even the walls were carpeted in a furry bubblegum shade and of course the bath was filled with bubbles. True to her Italian roots, Sophia Loren favoured bathing with olive oil over bubbles. Whichever you prefer, we say you deserve some Hollywood-style pampering in a bath laced with something special!



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