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Get ready for a day in the big city with our May ‘City Glow’ Edit

Get ready for a day in the big city with our May ‘City Glow’ Edit
Megan Hutchins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Are you a city girl? Do you love the flair of the city with all the newest beauty trends? If you love the sun in the concrete jungle, then our May ‘City Glow’ edition is perfect for you! Embrace the city glow and open the lid of this month's box to discover a collection of some of Glossy's favorite beauty essentials to have you prepared and ready to embrace the golden time in the city. After all, we all want to visit the big city in style! 

May Edit 

This month we are embracing summer in the big city, whether that be a trip to London or a shopping day in Manchester, we want to help you look your best! With our sneak peek products from Fresh and Kueshi you can do just that. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this duo... 

About Fresh 

Who doesn’t love all natural beauty products right? Well, at Fresh by combining potent natural ingredients, ancient-inspired formulas, and modern science and innovations, they have created beauty products that have been making waves in the beauty industry since its launch.  

Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser 

Used twice a day, this cleanser helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity, calm irritation and rebalance moisture levels without the use of irritating perfumes or scents. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser lifts and removes makeup, grime and impurities while toning and soothing the skin to reveal a refreshed, more radiant complexion without removing valuable hydration. 

About Kueshi 

Kueshi is an innovative brand that offers the highest quality in its ingredients, formulas and products, while guaranteeing the highest possible safety and efficacy to ensure that customers are not exposed to any risk. Their ranges are natural cosmetics and are inspired by 100% natural fruit extracts and oils.  

Kueshi – Coconut Shower Gel 

The Kueshi Coconut Shower Gel is a body care staple that, if you are a lover of the pleasant coconut scent, is an amazing inclusion to your shower routine. It is a shower gel that keeps the skin clean all day long while leaving you smelling of succulent coconut, simply perfect to use when thinking of a big day in the city this May.


Megan Hutchins
Writer and expert
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With a love for bold makeup and more eyeshadow palettes in my collection than I can count, I'm always looking to create new looks - with a particular soft spot for Anime cosplay makeup