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Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: Deeply exfoliated skin and a clear complexion awaits you with the Nip and Fab Salicylic Scrub!

Sneak Peek: Deeply exfoliated skin and a clear complexion awaits you with the Nip and Fab Salicylic Scrub!
Charlotte Berry
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Elevate your skincare routine and give freedom to your pores with our second sneak peek treat – the Nip and Fab Salicylic Scrub. This will facilitate the perfect skincare preparation before you get creative with your Rock n’ Glam this month.  


Nip and Fab – Luxury, ingredient-led skincare  

With over 10 years of establishment, Nip and Fab place skin as their focus and are driven by providing ingredient knowledge at a reasonable price point. Consumers are left informed with products suited to their skin type and see skin transformations as a result. Suitable for all, Nip and Fab is definitely a safe trusted brand to have in your skincare routine!  

Nip and Fab Salicylic Scrub  

From the inside out, this Nip and Fab Salicylic Acid will cleanse every layer of your skin through the incorporation of both manual and chemical exfoliation. The ingredient led formula of Salicylic Acid, Volcanic Rock Scrub and Vitamin E will flush out congestion, clear up blemishes, moisturise and break down any oil underneath the skin. Get to the bottom of any oily build up and scrub away dirt and impurities to enter December fresh faced and blemish free.   

What Else Is Inside Our November Edit? 

As our two sneak peek products have now been revealed, the anticipation for the full lineup on the 12th November begins. Until then, take a look at our first sneak peek blog to read about the Spectrum Eye Brush or our Story Behind The Box blog, if you haven’t already! 


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Left enticed by our two sneak peek products and don’t want to miss out? Become a subscriber to receive your November ‘Rock n Glam’ edit, today! 

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Charlotte Berry
Writer and expert
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My beauty routine all depends on my schedule. During the week, I opt for a radiant bronzed aesthetic, complemented by naturally fluffy brows and a subtle, glossy lip. When the weekend arrives, in true Glossy style, I love a more glamourous vibe with long lashes and dark defined lips. A bronzer and long-lasting lip liner are never far from reach...