Makeup Brands For Men That Are Changing The Game

makeup brands for men

If you’ve seen our Limited Edition Grooming Kit, you’ll already know that there has been a boom in male-oriented cosmetics recently. From face masks that are targeted to men’s needs to entire brands dedicated solely to beards, male beauty can no longer be summarised by Lynx deodorant and Gilette razors.

This trend of male-specific products hasn’t stopped there, though. A whole host of makeup brands for men are now flooding the market.

Why Do We Need Makeup Brands For Men?

Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t makeup a unisex and inclusive product? Do we really need male-oriented makeup? Well, the short answer is yes.

According to most makeup wearing men (and I’ve asked my male colleagues to confirm), traditional products are either too heavy or too dewy for their skin (that’s because there are four major difference between men and women’s skin, but we’ll get to that). Instead, they just want a straight-forward product that will cover a spot that makes them feel self-conscious or hide the dark circles under their eyes.

Of course, we’ll always enjoy the fabulous looks created by the likes of Patrick Starr and James Charles. However, for all the men out there who would prefer a more subtle look and are turning to cosmetics to feel their best, there are two brands to know about.

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Two Up-And-Coming Makeup Brands For Men

1. Shakeup Cosmetics

Whilst founders Jake and Shane Carnell-Xu know that makeup shouldn’t have genders, they found that skin does. According to their research:

  • Testosterone makes, on average, male skin 25% thicker than female skin
  • Male skin produces more sebum, making it oilier, shinier and more acne-prone
  • Because of this extra sebum, men often have larger pores than women
  • Men often shave their skin, making it more sensitive

That’s why they created Shakeup Cosmetics, a range that caters to the needs of men’s skin. Their three products (a concealer, BB tinted moisturiser and a lip gel) all blend skin-loving ingredients that target the above. They also boast lightweight formulas that create a subtle finish, leaving skin looking fresh, healthy and natural.

If that sounds like what you’re after, then head to their website. Products start from just £20 and are the perfect way of covering flare-ups, blemishes, acne and redness.

2. War Paint For Men

Another great makeup brand for men is War Paint For Men (I mean, it is in the name, after all).

Founder Danny Gray struggled every day with the way he looked when growing up. Bullied at school for his sticky-out ears and large nose, he developed Body Dysmorphic Disorder and underwent two operations to change the way he looked. He continued to struggle, though, until he discovered makeup. It now helps him to manage his disorder and build up his self-esteem.

Following that experience, he decided to create War Paint in the hope that other men could benefit in the same way. The range is housed in sleek, black packaging and includes everything from tinted moisturiser and foundation to concealer and bronzer. You can explore it all here.

If you know any man who might steal your concealer to hide his spots or feels self-conscious about his skin and could benefit from the boost makeup gives, don’t forget to tell him all about these two brands!

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