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6 Poolside Beauty Essentials You Need This Summer!

6 Poolside Beauty Essentials You Need This Summer!
Grace Walker
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Glossies, can you believe it? Summer is finally upon us, which means one things, days by the pool are just around the corner! You won't need a huge bag of beauty products, but you will need to bring a few beauty essentials to keep your hair and skin protected all day long.

Of course, sunny days come with plenty of conundrums: dry skin, dry hair and sweat (and maybe some more sweat!). When you're spending more time outside by the pool on holidays, hair serums, moisturisers, and SPF becomes way more important than usual! Depending whether you're just lounging around, makeup may not be as important - however, we still want to look our best, right?

So, whether you enjoy a dip in the pool or simply laying on the sun lounger soaking up the glorious sun, we will tell you all about the beauty essentials you need this summer. From hydrating moisturiser to a nourishing hair spray, carry on reading if you would like to find out about the 6 must have makeup and skincare products to toss in your pool bag this year!

1// Protect Your Skin With Sun Cream

Le's face it, we can't go to the pool without sun cream! It's an absolute must! You need to make sure your body is protected from the sun's damaging UV rays by keeping a bottle in your poolside bag at all times! When it comes to applying the sun cream, make sure you apply it just before exposure and then re-apply frequently (especially after swimming or drying yourself with a towel!). It's important to keep your skin safe and enjoy carefree fun in the sun, so feel free to shop some of the best SPF's!


2// Waterproof Mascara Is A Must Have

Okay, we're not all about the glam when we're in and out of a pool, however a waterproof mascara is surely an essential? Not only is it waterproof, they can withstand heat and humidity for long-wear results and remain smudge-proof and flake-free for up to 24hrs! Shop some of our favourites below.


3// Feel Refreshed With A Face Setting Spray

Anyone else absolutely love a refreshing face spray, even when it's not hot? We do! They're great for recharging your complexion and to help give skin an instant refresh. When you're hot in the sun, sometimes you need the feeling of a cold, fresh face mist! The result? A dewy, even and radiant glow that looks picture perfect at the pool.


4// Luscious Lip With Your Favourite Lip Balm

Your lips don't have sebaceous glands unlike other parts of your body, which means it's extra hard for them to retain moisture, hence why if you've spent a long time in the sun, your lips tend to go dry and shrivel up! Keeping a hydrating & moisturising lip balm in your poolside bag really is essential so your lips look & feel soft and nourished! If you would like to achieve revitalised, healthy-looking lips whilst soaking up the sun and sipping on some cocktails, then take a look at the products we recommend!


5// Bronzed Skin For Days

If you would like a warm glow when you're sat around the pool, then a brozer is your best friend! It's a product that can add warmth and dimension to the skin to give you that summer glow! (A bronzer is perfect if you struggle to tan!) So Glossies, ig you would like to cover up your winter whiteness, try applying a little bronzer high on the cheekbones and rirdge of the nose - this could be the  the ultimate game changer! Browse the products below if you'd like to have a more glowy, sun-kissed complexion! 


6// Say Goodbye To Dry Hair With A Hair Serum

If your hair is prone to drying out in the sun, then you seriously need to invest in a decent hair serum. They are beneficial when it comes to hydrating your hair, whether your hair is wet or dry - meaning it's perfect to fit into your poolside bag! They work as a styling tool to treat a number of hair concerns and also protect hair against environmental aggressors; bringing shine and lustre to dull and dry hair. We have put together some hair serums for you to browse through so you can have luscious looking locks for your holiday!


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Grace Walker
Writer and expert
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As someone who is skincare obsessed, it’s no secret that I have a huge passion for glowing skin! Over the years I have written many blog posts which specialise in skincare, so I have plenty of top tips to share to help you on your own skincare journey. I am always trying out new products and finding new discoveries that I can add to my collection. My go-to skincare product right now is definitely a hydrating face mask; they’re perfect for that instant hydration boost before you continue with your beauty routine!