Our Favourite Unicorn-Inspired Beauty Products

What’s not to love about beauty and unicorns combining?

The transformative power of makeup is often thought of as being a bit magical. Then, of course, you have unicorns who are pure magical joy. Combine the two and you have something close to euphoria.

Here’s our pick of the best unicorn-inspired beauty buys around. And there’s no need to travel to a magical kingdom to get them…

The makeup brushes
Multi-coloured synthetic fibres and a unicorn-horn handle – could there be anything greater to add to your beauty collection? Perhaps the diamond-shaped holographic zip bag you get to keep them in…
Unicorn Lashes Makeup Brushes, £45

The makeup stick
Talk about adding another dimension to your makeup bag. This holographic makeup stick gives an iridescent silver/lavender effect on skin. Where it as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow to add a little bit of magic to your look.
The Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, £22

The lip colour
Forget matte liquid lips, if you want a pout that’s on-trend you need to add a sprinkling of unicorn. This kit contains translucent, prismatic lip glosses that’ll make your lips a main attraction.
Sigma Beauty Lip Switch Set, £11

The highlighter
Why use one highlighter colour? This palette gives you a buildable, prismatic colour that gives the effect of a rainbow glow. Add a sweep to the centre of your eyelids to give you eyeshadow a ‘pop’.
I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Rainbow Highlighter, £4.99

The bath confetti
A sprinkling of this in the tub will add a little bit of magic to your soak. The little white and pink unicorns dissolve leaving the water feeling silky and smelling of blueberries.
Unicorn Glitter Bath Confetti, £5

The eye palette
With all the colours of a magical kingdom – think luscious purples, shimmery golds and vivid greens – this eyeshadow palette can deliver a unicorn-inspired smokey eye in a matte or shimmer finish.
Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Unicorns Unite, £6

The hair ties
You wouldn’t catch a unicorn with a ‘dent’ in its mane so why should you have one in yours? Turn your ponytail into a unicorn tail with these pretty kink-free bands.
Unicorn Popband Hair Band Multi Pack, £6.99



Beauty Editor