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Beauty Case Unboxed: The Party Skin Prep Guide

Beauty Case Unboxed: The Party Skin Prep Guide
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If there’s one thing we want for the Christmas party season (or actually, just always), it’s flawless skin from head to toe. Whether you’ll be loading up on the fake tan, body shimmer, makeup or glitter come party time, you need healthy, glowing skin to act as the perfect canvas.

You know what that means? Cue the pre-party prep.

From your soft-skin shower strategy to a clever DIY facial massage, here's your five-step pre-party skincare guide using iconic products from our limited edition GlossyBox Beauty Case.

You'll want to bookmark this one. Ready? Here we go...

Step 1: Scrub Up

It all starts in the shower, or bath if you’re so inclined. Lather up with a nourishing body wash like Weleda Rose Creamy Body Wash, which will leave your skin squeaky clean without stripping it thanks to replenishing rosehip oil. Using an exfoliating mitt will help to slough away dead skin cells for a even more radiant bod, while opting for cooler water (rather than hot) will keep sensitive skin from drying out.

Step 2: Get That Hydration

When your skin is dry or dehydrated it tends to look dull, so straight out of the shower slather on a creamy lotion like the Soaper Duper Body Butter (which comes in Shea Butter, Lemon or Yuzufruit & Fig). Packed with moisture-rich oils and extracts including shea and cocoa butters, plus sweet almond, cottonseed and wheat germ oils, this is just what parched skin needs for a radiance boost. Massage it into slightly damp skin for the best results—you’ll be lock in that surface water for extra hydration.

Step 3: Face Mask Time

Once you’re slathered in body butter, wrap up in a warm bathrobe and get to masking. A detoxifying face mask like the GlamGlow SuperMud Mask is the perfect way to give your complexion a refresh. Tackling skin concerns from spots and blemishes to ingrown hairs and uneven pigmentation, the mask contains a trio of deep cleansers plus collagen-boosting moisturisers, to leave your face looking flawlessly clear, smooth and radiant.

Step 4: DIY Facial

Mask rinsed off? It’s time to amplify that glow with a little DIY facial massage. Use a radiance enhancing face oil like the Mitchell and Peach Radiance Face Oil, which is brimming with vitamins E and B, and gently press the oil into your skin using finger tips. Then, follow these easy steps:

  • Starting under the eyes, use your ring fingers to gently swipe from the inner corners towards the temples. This boosts lymphatic drainage to reduce any puffiness or dark circles.
  • Then, using your index fingers, repeat the same motion this time moving from the corners of your nose, along the underside of your cheekbones and towards your ears. This will help add definition to your face.
  • Finally, using your thumbs and forefingers, apply the same motion along your jawline. A few swipes in each area and you’ll be looking chiseled and glowier than ever.

Step 5: Seal The Deal

We’re almost at the end of the prep routine—yep, it’s been thorough! To seal in all that delicious moisture you’ve given your skin, apply a light moisturising cream like the vitamin-rich Nip + Fab Kale Moisturiser. Then, before you start any makeup, top up with the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up Primer. It’ll blur fine lines and blemishes (if you’ve got any left after all this!) and prepare your skin for longer lasting makeup.

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Writer and expert
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