Beauty School: Four Ways To Use A Contour Stick

Nothing beats a product that can easily be used on-the-go, while still delivering A* results.

This is precisely where contour sticks come into play. Whether you’re on the train or sat in front of a mirror at home, they allow you to subtly warm your complexion, make cheekbones sharper and define your jawline within the swipe of a crayon-like stick. The creamy formula melts into skin, so you’ll never be left with harsh lines – all you have to do is apply, buff and blend.

Promising to deliver makeup artist worthy results within a few simple strokes, it’s time to draw on the cheekbones of your dreams with our April box, as every Glossy will receive ModelCo’s coveted Contour Stick! Here are four ways we’ve been using it. Not a subscriber? Get your hands on the box via the button below…

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One: cheekbones

Start by using your index finger to work out where the line needs to be drawn. To do this, place your finger beneath your cheekbone to see where the shadow would naturally fall, then use ModelCo’s Contour Stick to carefully draw a line under your cheekbones. Finally, use your fingertip to blend the colour in for a seamless finish.

Two: key features

Trace the stick along your jawline, down the side of your nose and just above your temples. Taking a buffing makeup brush, use it to blend the lines into your skin. Keep blending until any harsh edges disappear, but so just enough contour is still showing – you ideally want a suggestion of shadow rather than a definite line.

Three: lips

While this may not be the case for all contour sticks, the soft chocolate tone of ModelCo’s makes it perfect for your lips too! Simply paint it on to your lips as you would with a lipstick bullet, then use a lip brush to perfect the edges.

Four: eyes

It also looks great as an eyeshadow – particularly on darker skin tones. Use the tip of the stick to draw a thick line along your upper lash line, then use your fingertip to blend it upwards. Holding the stick angled, draw a thin line along your lower lash line and gently press it in. Finish with a slick or two of jet black mascara.

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