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Runway To Real Life: Criss-Cross Plaits

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Masterfully created by the hands of James Pecis at Sally Lapointe's autumn/winter 2016 show, criss-cross braids offer up the perfect style for this time of year. Not only do they survive the dreaded winter hat hair (yep, we tested it), they're a great way to upgrade your standard plaited style by adding a little more detail.

While they look fairly intricate, they're super easy to achieve. Here's how we got on trialling them...



How to create criss-cross braids at home.... 1. Part your hair down the centre, so it's sectioned off into two even parts. 2. Take a section of hair from the front of each side and separate both of these off, then tie the remaining hair into two low bunches. 3. Taking the front section from the right side of your hair, feed it through to the bunch on your left, then take the front section from the left side of your hair and feed it through to the bunch on the right. 4. Carefully plait each section and fasten with a hair tie.

Writer and expert
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