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Meet The Tampliner, The New Period Product That Changed The Game

Meet The Tampliner, The New Period Product That Changed The Game
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Have you heard? For the first time in 80 years, the tampon has been reinvented, and it’s all thanks to British femcare brand Callaly. If you have a heavy flow, struggle with leaks or find yourself wearing multiple menstrual products at once, then you’re going to want to read all about the tampliner...

Introducing The Tampliner

The brainchild of gynecologist Alex Hooi and garment technologist Ewa Radziwon, the tampliner is a fusion of the tampon and panty liner (hence the name) that claims to revolutionise your period.

  • How Does The Tampliner Work?

The two-in-one menstrual product consists of three parts:

  1. An organic cotton tampon that you apply through the hole in the mini-liner.
  2. An organic cotton mini-liner that is worn folded between your labia (the lips of your vagina).
  3. A virtual applicator, made from medical-grade, ultra-thin film, that connects the tampon and the mini-liner.

The tampon part does the job of a normal tampon, while the mini-liner prevents any leakage and erases the need to wear a separate liner (which also means that you don’t need to buy endless products!). The video below explains how to use it:

  • How Did The Tampliner Come About?

Alex Hooi spent his 30-year career as a gynecologist listening to patients who were frustrated by leaking menstrual products. In fact, according to a survey of 500 women across the UK and Ireland, seven out of ten women wear a tampon and a liner because they don’t trust that their tampon won’t leak. So, Alex came up with this two-in-one product that provides the protection of both a tampon and a liner in one simple-to-use, healthy and eco-friendly product.

Teaching Women To Expect More

Not only have Callaly reinvented the tampon with their tampliner, but they’re working tirelessly to educate women about their periods and teach them to expect more from their products.

Did you know that the femcare industry in the UK isn’t regulated? This essentially means that there’s nothing stopping companies from using chemicals and cheap synthetic materials in products. Callaly, however, put your health first and only use 100% organic cotton. Their products are free from pesticides, dioxins, dyes and other nasties.

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Callaly Is A Force Of Good

Did you know that Callaly is also a B corp? For those of you who are wondering what a B corporation is, allow me to fill you in. It stands for Benefit Corporation and essentially means that Callaly is a profit-making business that aims to benefit their workers, community and the environment.

  • Considering The Environment

All of their packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, and most of their products are 100% biodegradable too.

  • Supporting Non-Profits

They have pledged to give at least 1% of their annual sales to non-profit organisations – and in 2018, they actually gave over 6%. Plus, they support charities that work to end period poverty in the UK, including Days for Girls, Red Box Project and Bloody Good Period.

  • Encouraging Their Staff To Do The Same

All of their staff spend 3% of their time volunteering for charity.

With a company that does so much good and sends you clean menstrual products straight to your door (did I mention that Callaly offer a subscription service?), you can’t really go wrong. So, whether you want to try their tampliner or prefer to stick to regular organic tampons, pads and liners, head over to their website now.

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