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Alessia Pace Is Among The GLOSSY Circle Fab Ten

Alessia Pace Is Among The GLOSSY Circle Fab Ten
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I’m thrilled to introduce you to our fifth member of The GLOSSY Circle, Alessia Pace!

Alessia Pace

A mother of three to two boys and a girl, Alessia is a family support worker. In her spare time, she also films videos for her YouTube channel. I caught up with her a few weeks ago to talk about all things beauty.

A Q&A With Alessia Pace

Q: Where Does Your Love Of Beauty Stem From?

A: A love of beauty runs in my family! My mum is very glamorous and always looks beautifully done up. I can still picture myself as a little girl watching her apply makeup in the mirror.

I like to think that that’s how my daughter will picture me too. She’s only 3 but she already loves playing with my makeup. In fact, she’s requested a beauty palette for Christmas.

Q: Makeup Must Mean A Lot To You Then?

A: I started wearing makeup when I was about 16 and I’ve worn it every day since. It’s quite therapeutic. I put my face on and I’m ready to face the world.

I wear a lot of makeup day-to-day. I’ll either opt for smokey eyeshadow and a nude lip, or a nude eyeshadow look and a bold lip. It’s all about balance.

I put on my makeup and I’m ready to face the world.

Q: Do You Have A Favourite Makeup Product?

A: I do have a few high-end products that I hold dear (both the Fenti Beauty concealer and powder are amazing!), but I mostly use high street brands. I couldn’t live without my Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes!

Q: What’s Your Best Beauty Tip?

A: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to start your skincare routine as soon as possible. I only developed mine after I became a mum. I’ve really noticed a difference since then, but I do wish I’d started earlier.

Create and stick to a skincare routine as early as possible. The sooner, the better.

Q: Can You Recommend Any Products?

A: I don’t use anything fancy. I buy most of my products at Aldi *Alessia laughs*. Honestly, their Lacura range is great. It includes cleansing wipes, a cleansing foam, a clay exfoliating scrub, a toner and a rose oil.

I’m 34 now, though, so I have been focusing a lot on anti-ageing products. I swear by retinol! It really does work to reduce wrinkles and prevent fine lines. Every time I use it, my skin looks brighter, smoother and more even. I know some people find retinol a bit too aggressive for their complexion, but I hear bakuchiol is a brilliant alternative for more sensitive skin types.

If you’d like to read more beauty tips from The GLOSSY Circle check out this blog. You can also read my interview with fellow members of The GLOSSY Circle, Rachelle Sutton, Charley Bourne, Hollie Cagney and Willow Biggs. In the meantime, don't forget to follow Alessia Pace on Instagram and YouTube.

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Writer and expert
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