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Say Goodbye To Dry, Rough Skin And Keratosis Pilaris

Say Goodbye To Dry, Rough Skin And Keratosis Pilaris
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Listen up Glossies. I’ve just found your new skincare saviour! Upon the recommendation of a fellow Glossy team member, I recently started using Ameliorateproducts to cure my dry and itchy skin. One month in and my body is back to its old healthy-looking self. If you're struggling with dry skin too or have Keratosis Pilaris, you're in luck! Head to the GLOSSY Lounge to receive an exclusive 15% discount on all of their products!

Ameliorate helps fight Keratosis Pilaris

Ameliorate was initially created to cure Keratosis Pilaris. Ignore the scientific name Glossies, it’s actually an incredibly common skin condition (often referred to as ‘chicken skin’).

In fact, chances are that two in every five Glossies reading this post have it! Don’t worry though, it’s completely harmless and painless. It can just cause slightly rough small red bumps to appear on the back of your arm, the front of your thighs, as well as your buttock, lower back and chest. You may not even have realised this condition has a name.

Why Ameliorate Is The Solution

Luckily for you, Ameliorate founder Annette struggled with the condition and decided to create an innovative and effective skincare product that would cure her Keratosis Pilaris. Working with leading UK skincare manufacturers, she created the UK’s first dermatological skincarebrand that is proven to help rough, dry, bumpy skin.

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Ameliorate Benefits All Skin Types

Even if you don’t suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, Ameliorate will help you achieve softer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. I was desperately looking for a product to salvage my dry skin (too much time spent in the pool!). Luckily, I found these three miracles…

1. Transforming Body Lotion

I don’t suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, but I do struggle with very dry skin, particularly on my legs. I’ve tried pretty much every product under the sun, but nothing has been quite as effective as this body lotion. Tight and flaking skin is now a thing of the past!

The secret ingredient? Their oat-based nourishing LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex that intensely moisturises skin for up to 12 hours.

Insider Tip: It takes a few minutes for this lotion to absorb into your skin, so I dry my hair and do my makeup before putting my trousers on. It just gives the lotion that extra bit of time to soak in.

2. Nourishing Body Wash

I’ve been using this body wash for a month now, and my skin has never felt so soft. Formulated with natural Omega oils from Starflower and Camelina, as well as their unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, this body wash gently cleanses skin and rebalances its pH levels.

Insider Tip: Use the body wash in your daily shower, gently pat yourself dry with a towel, then massage body lotion into your skin.

3. Smoothing Body Exfoliant

Once a week, I like to use a body scrub to soften and smooth my skin. I just love how healthy it looks afterwards!

This exfoliant is formulated with biodegradable Bamboo Granules and Alpha Hydroxy Therapy, both of which work to exfoliate above and below the skin’s surface. It washes away dead skin cells, revealing the healthy ones beneath.

My skin looks brighter and healthier

I’ll start by cleansing my skin with the body wash and exfoliator while I'm in the shower, then dry off and apply the body lotion. It makes my skin look even brighter and healthier.

Meet The Newly Launched Lip Treatment

Ameliorate have just launched a new product that softens and plumps your pout: the Intensive Lip Treatment. Non-greasy and rapidly-absorbed, it instantly nourishes dry and chapped lips. A smooth, soft and healthy-looking pout await!

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Treat Yourself To Ameliorate Skincare

If you want to give any of these products a try (and I really recommend that you do!), log into theGLOSSY Lounge to access your exclusive 15% discount on all Ameliorate products. If you're not a subscriber yet, join the Glossy family now to receive special offers on a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.

Writer and expert
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