We’ve Found The Best Cream Blush Out There

Cream blush can be a bit of a crowd divider. While there are some, and we totally include ourselves in this group, who can’t get enough of the multi-tasking nature of a creamy blusher, there are others who, we believe, just haven’t been properly introduced to the right cream blush yet.

But Glossies, we’re here to change all that. Enter the Apicia Cream Blush, which you’ll all find in your January GlossyBox. If you’re not signed up yet, join here to get gorgeous 5 beauty treats delivered to your door each month!

Now, if you haven’t yet discovered French beauty brand Apicia, you’re in for a real treat. Specialising in organically grown natural ingredients, the brand infuses all its makeup products with the same nourishing bee pollen that makes its skincare line so nurturing, even for sensitive skin. And in the case of the cream blush, it reaps huge rewards.

Not only do the skincare-like ingredients make this blush super creamy and hydrating, it also means the texture blends especially well for the perfect shade. Talking of the shade, this is where things get even better. The blush really does flatter all skin tones, thanks to its deep, honey-pink hue and buildable formula. If you’re fair-skinned, dap it on sparingly and build as you need for a soft flush of colour. For darker skin tones, dab on and blend it in light layers until you’ve got that healthy, rosy glow you’re looking for.

Love the sound of it? Here’s three ways we’ll be wearing ours on lips, cheeks and even eyes—we told you it was a great multi-tasker!

Three Ways To Wear Cream Blush

#1. Cheeks: Smile, and dab a little blush onto the apples of your cheeks using your finger. Then blend it towards the temples using a brush, sponge or your fingertips.

#2. Lips: For a soft daytime lip look, simply smudge a little blush into your lips using your finger. Tidy up the edges and go.

#3. Eyes: Add a pretty hint of pink to your eyes by dabbing a little blush onto your eyelids, blending it in using a soft brush or fingertips, and then finish with groomed brows.

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Lois Bowen

Lois Bowen

Writer and expert