Beauty Hacks To Help You Get Ready In 5 Minutes Flat

Snoozed your alarm one too many times? Need to get from bed to bus in under five minutes? We’ve got you.

There’s no easier way to sabotage your makeup than by trying to cram on a full-face in less than 300 seconds. Research suggests we spend just under an hour, on average, on our appearance in the morning, but those minutes are precious and quite often our wardrobe (or our bed) gets all the attention.

You wouldn’t leave your house with your trousers halfway down your legs, but shoving your BB cream and a mascara into your bag as you lock up, with the intention to apply them on the train or tube, is something most of us can relate to.

Here’s how to cut down your beauty time without scrimping on style…

Give your lipstick a promotion

When time is tight you have to ask more of your products, and lipsticks actually double-up brilliantly as a dewy blusher. Apply your lipstick as normal then dot the bullet onto the centre of your cheeks and pat in to blend.

Tight-lining = fuller looking lashes

Tightliner is one of the most simple, but perhaps most effective beauty hacks. By lining the waterline on the upper lashes you achieve two face-changing things: the liner doesn’t look like liner but makes your lash line look thicker, while the density gives a defined look to eyes. If you aren’t tightlining yet, you need to start.

Add a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo

While it may sound odd, adding a little sugar to your shampoo can work wonders if your head needs exfoliating. Simply add a tablespoon to a dollop of shampoo and work it into your scalp. This will gently exfoliate the skin and the sugar will easily dissolve, so it’ll rinse out of your locks without leaving any residue in its path.

The quick crimp

Plait small sections of hair, starting from 1-2 inches down from your root and continuing to the tip. Apply a little hairspray and wait for it to dry, then clamp each plait tightly with straighteners to flatten it.  Once your hair has cooled, unravel each plait and run your fingers through your hair.

Mess up your mascara on purpose
You know how when you apply mascara in a rush, it often leaves some mascara smudged along the lash line? Well, instead of removing this why not try blending it in instead? You see, if you gently blend it in using your fingertip, it’ll leave a subtle, smokey effect!

Double-time your lips

If you normally line, blot and gloss your lips to get a full pout then you can halve the time it takes by using light and shade. Use a darker lipstick on the outer corners of your mouth, a light one in the centre and then push your lips together for instant volume in less than half the time!

The contour phone trick

To work out where you should be highlighting and contouring your face, we have a quick hack for you! Hold your phone light above your face and the shadow that appears below your cheekbone is where you should be aligning your contour brush. Then, the lit area above your cheekbones, around the eye and by your brow bone is where you should be blending your highlighter.

The super fast curl

For a subtle curl in a hurry (literally, less than 2 minutes), tie your hair up into a loose ponytail,  split it into two sections and and wrap the ends of each section around a curling wand. Delicately remove the hair tie and you’re left with loose curls that run through the ends of your hair.



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