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Six Hair Dryers That Will Truly Change Your Life

Writer and expert8 years ago
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A bad hair dryer is worse than a cancelled train or a power-cut for the negative impact it can have on your day. Lily-livered dryers that whisper your hair dry while giving off a mild smell of burning or loud machines than make all the right noises, but don’t actually dry your hair are enough justification to call in sick and have a duvet day.

A good hair dryer, however, can make all the difference and these six game-changers, depending on your needs and wants, can make bad hair days a distant memory.

The one that cuts down your drying timeIf you want to cut down your dry time then the 2100W power in GHD Air Dryer, £99, will get you from sopping wet locks to dry hair in half the time. It’s a professional strength dryer, meaning no arm-ache for those barrel-brush blow-dries, and it has an ergonomic design and cool-shot button to help ‘set’ your style.

The one that is perfect for travelIf holidays and mini-breaks fill you with dread on account of bad hotel hair dryers then this is your game-changer. Small enough to pack in your bag, but strong enough to give you the power you need to have a home-from-home blow dry, wherever you are. EGO Breeze Foldable on-the-go Hairdryer, £37, is lightweight and small, but has a powerful 1200W so it won’t let your holiday hair down.

The one that leaves your locks ultra-glossyWhen the professionals style your hair they have a lot of control in their dryers and with the many functions of Babyliss Boutique Salon Power, £80, so will you. The 2400W power ensures a powerful dryer and the tourmaline/ceramic technology ensures a glossy, high-shine finish. Plus the three heat and two speed settings, put you firmly in control.

The one that comes equipped with a silencer If early starts are part of your 9-to-5 and the noise of the dryer is too much for you and/or the people you live with then your drying gamechanger comes in the form of the Parlux Powerlight, £135. Why, you ask? It has what we’ve previously only seen James Bond screw onto the end of his Walther PPK - a silencer. You get all the power of a professional blow-dry, but at a far more pleasing decibel level.

The one that prevents frizz If dull or frizzy hair appear at the end of your dry the game could well and truly be changed with the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, £109. The nanotechnology supplements hair with moisture preventing dryness, dullness and frizz meaning you’ll be blow-drying your water to shinier, healthier hair.

The one that's kinder to your hairIf your hair splits or gets ‘roughed up’ easily it’s time to make your drying a little more targeted. While the windflow of  traditional dryers can cause cuticle damage and split ends, the T3 Featherweight compact Dryer, £125, has a cone-shaped airflow - in turn, making it a little kinder on your locks. Plus the SoftAire Technology is proven to reduce frizz, increase body and improve style retention.

Writer and expert
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