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Philip Kingsley Conditioner For Bouncy, Smooth Hair

Philip Kingsley Conditioner For Bouncy, Smooth Hair
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Glossies, you’re in for a treat on this fourth day of Advent! Nestled inside package number four of the GLOSSY ‘Advent Calendar’ is a body building conditioner by Philip Kingsley that will revive fine and limp hair.

All I Want... Is Body And Volume

Today’s gift is the ultra-lightweight Body Building Volumising Conditioner by Philip Kingsley. It’s the long-awaited cure for fine, limp and flyaway hair. This treatment combines three key ingredients to thicken the appearance of each individual strand, control frizz and add moisture without adding weight:

  • Wheat Protein helps strengthen and plump-up the appearance of individual strands to give an overall look of fullness,
  • Behentrimonium Chloride untangles your locks and leaves them looking glossy and healthy,
  • Silicone reduces static and adds shine.

Say goodbye to bad hair days - bouncier, shinier and smoother locks await!

Glossybox bouncy smooth and shiny hair

How to tips: After shampooing, gently work a pound coin sized amount of conditioner into your hair by running your fingers through your mid-lengths and ends. Remember that the key to healthy hair is to focus on your tips. Leave the product to soak in for a couple minutes and then rinse well. Don’t worry if you’ve got dyed locks, is suitable for use on coloured hair too.

My Experience Using The Conditioner

Trying to tame my mass of fine hair is a daily struggle – I’m sure those of you with limp or flyaway locks can relate.

The Philip Kingsley conditioner effortlessly untangled my knots and gave my ringlets a weightless bounce.

Best of all, when I applied it, it didn’t leave my hands coated in a malted mane of blond curls like other conditioners do– game changer!

If you've loved this product as much as I have, you can buy the 250ml version for just £18.70

The Story Behind The Brand

Formulated by the world’s leading trichologists who specialise in the study of healthy hair and scalps, Philip Kingsley’s products deliver the science to support healthy and happy hair days. If you’ve got challenging hair or scalp needs, or if you simply want to make the most of your hair, this brand is striving to create haircare solutions for you.

Their products use optimum nutrition to offer a tailored and all-inclusive range of shampoos, conditioners, protectors, scalp treatments and more. They even have a Body Building Shampoo that works in unison with your Advent gift.


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Writer and expert
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