Upscale your Glossybox: Calendar

A new year calls for a brand new calendar and so, for this month’s upscale we decided to create our very own using a GLOSSYBOX. Yes, really.

Here’s how…

1. Taking a large piece of pink paper or card, trace around the outside of the box. Then cut out the shape and using glue, stick it to the inside of the lid.

2. Create three small holes in a line along the top of the inside of the box, the gently screw a hook in each.

3. Taking 12 white tags, write a month of the year on each. Then, take 3 more tags for the second hook and write 0-3 on them. Finally, for the third hook, write 0-9 on them.

4. You’re done! Use it as a desk calendar or display it in your room!



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