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Runway To Real Life: Marchesa’s Weaved Chignon

Writer and expert7 years ago
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When it comes to whimsical, elegant hair, Marchesa won out for autumn/winter 2016. Styled by Moroccanoil's Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero, it utterly reminiscent of the Victorian era, but with a beautiful modern twist.

Calero created two variations of low buns, the second of which (for models with longer locks) is intrinsically weaved to form a Danish pastry-esque chignon.

This soft and feminine style is the perfect antidote if your locks could do with a break from tongs and hairspray post-party season. Not only does it make a great wedding 'do, but it's a pretty way to tie your hair up for any occasion.

So, with that in mind we decided to try it out...

Here's how to do it yourself...1. Create a deep centre parting and tie some of your hair into a half up ponytail. Then, tie the rest of the hair into a second low ponytail at the base of the neck and secure with a hair tie. Wrap your hair around both hair ties to conceal them. 2. Taking the lowest ponytail, pull the end under and up so it's halfway through the section of hair between the two ponytails, leaving you with a loop at the bottom. 3. Divide the end you've just looped upwards into two sections and criss-cross each section inwards to create a weave pattern. 4. To secure in place, use a hair grip and pin the ends to the nape of your neck.

Writer and expert
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