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Choosing The Best Mascara Wand For Your Lashes

Writer and expert8 years ago
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When it comes to finding the best mascara, the wand can quite simply make or break it - it's not just about the formula, you see. While 'lash-boosting' ingredients go a long way when it comes to lengthening, plumping and thickening, a lot of the work rests on the brush. So it's important you know which one to go for.

The clever people at Revlon know this all too well and ergo, have launched a brand new collection of five wands - each one with different benefits and a different 'finished look'. So in May, we're joining forces with them and giving you the option of picking one of the amazing new wands to go in your GLOSSYBOX! Yes, really.

Each one is specially designed to tackle a different lash need, from volume right through to length. Here's what each wand is designed to do - it may help you in your decision making! Oh, and make sure you choose which wand you'd like in your May box by 1st April! Take your pick here.

Dense bristles = volume

Thick and densely bristled wands are a dream if you want major volume, as they're designed to bolster and thicken your lashes. A top tip? Wiggle the wand from the roots upwards for a show-stopping finish. If this sounds like it's the wand for you, then pick Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara.

The plastic comb wand = separation and definition

Plastic comb wands have tiny, evenly spaced bristles that feel a little more rigid than your average mascara wand, making them perfect if you're after separated lashes with lots of definition. If this sounds up your street, then go for Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara.

Massive bristles = a boost in length

Mascaras with a wand that comes equipped with big, fat, chunky bristles are a delight if you're after super long, fluttering lashes. They coat your lashes with a decent amount of formula and the smaller tip allows you to coat the tiny corner lashes too. If you're after length, then choose Revlon Super Length Mascara.

Tapered = length and volume

Tapered wands are good all-rounders - the densely bristled part of the wand is responsible for providing volume while the tip of the wand means you can pick out any individual lashes for an all-round boost in length and definition. Sound good? Pick Revlon's Volume and Length Magnified Mascara.

Tiny wand = massive lashes

While a tiny brush may look as though it won't do much, it actually works a treat for creating big, fluttering lashes - you can get to each and every lash, you see, even the teeny tiny ones that bigger wands can't reach. It's great for length, volume and definition (so it basically does it all) - but is also perfect for coating your bottom lashes. The one for you? Choose Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara.

Writer and expert
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