Upscale Your GLOSSYBOX: A Trio Of Ways To Re-Use Your Box

If you’re wondering what to do with all your old boxes, we have a few ideas up our sleeve. Upscaling your GLOSSYBOX is super easy, whether you turn a couple of boxes into photo frames or simply use the tissue paper to decorate a bunch of flowers, there are plenty of ways to re-use the packaging that comes with all those wonderful products you receive!

Here are a few the GLOSSYBOX team have been trying out this month…

Create some drawers


1. Cut your Glossybox ribbon, so it’s roughly 24cm long.
2. Taking the bottom half of the box, loop the ribbon and sitck the ends to the inside of the box using strong tape.

Decorate some flowers


1. Wrap your pink GLOSSYBOX tissue around a punch of flowers and secure in place using your GLOSSYBOX sticker.
2. Finish by tying your black GLOSSYBOX ribbon around the centre.

Frame it


1. Measure the size of the image you want to frame.
2. Using the lid of your GLOSSYBOX, cut a rectangle shape out of the centre of the lid – make sure it’s roughly 1cm smaller than the picture you wish to frame.
3. Apply a little glue to the border of the picture and stick it to the inside of the box, with the picture facing outwards.



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