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Want Glowing Skin? The Hero Project Have Bottled It

Writer and expert7 years ago
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It’s not only one of the first signs of ageing, it’s also a giveaway when you’re over-tired, run-down or feeling a bit stressed. That’s right, dull skin is a signpost that screams ‘look after yourself’ and The Hero Project’s Glow Drops can bring immediate relief.

The innovation is a dry-touch oil, which delivers immediately skin quenching and hydration, without any slip, slide or grease and a formula that delivers Vitamin C - a skincare ingredient that’s vital for collagen production and that much needed skin radiance.

What's more, this ingeniously designed bottle - the push-button pipette means less mess and fuss - is made up of 98% natural derived ingredients and the lipid Vitamin C ensures skin is smoothed, nourished and brightened on contact.

Does your skin feel tight and tired by the end of the week? Does one late night take the glow out of your complexion? Do you feel you look tired? Simple massage 2-3 drops of the oil into your face, neck and chest and use your skincare as normal.

Skin will be nourished, hydrated and given a healthy dose of skin-brightening goodness.

The Hero Project Glow Drops, £24

Writer and expert
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