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Upscale Your Glossybox: How To Create A Nail Polish Rack…

Writer and expert8 years ago
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Unsure of what to do with your old Glossyboxes? Well, our Online Marketing Executive Christelle has been a busy bee upscaling some of hers to create some extra storage for her beauty products. Genius, right? So we thought it was high time we shared a few of her creations with you - along with the step by step instructions so you can follow in her footsteps and make something too!

First up? Here's how to make your very own Glossy nail polish rack...

STEP ONEUsing one GLOSSYBOX lid, measure a halfway point across the width of the inside - this will determine where the middle shelf of your rack will sit.

STEP TWO Taking a second GLOSSYBOX lid, cut off one of the longest sides neatly - this will become your middle shelf.

STEP THREE Using another side of the lid, cut two small pieces (1 cm wide each) to be wedged either side of the middle shelf - this will keep it in place. Stick everything down using a strong glue.

STEP FOURTo keep your polishes in place, create the first stabliser using a GLOSSYBOX ribbon, cut into two pieces. Then using a stanley knife, carefully bore a hole 1cm above the first and second shelf on either side.

STEP FIVE Run the two pieces of ribbon through the holes that you've made to stop the polishes from falling out the rack when you move it.

That's it, start adding your polishes and share with us on Twitter @glossyboxuk

Writer and expert
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