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Editor’s May Picks: Trending Beauty Tools

trending beauty tools

GLOSSYBOX have been celebrating beauty trends this month, so, in keeping with our theme, I’ve been on the hunt for the latest trending beauty tools that are taking the beauty world by storm!

Best of all, I’m giving you the chance to win all the products mentioned (that’s over £280 worth of prizes)! Simply fill in the entry form below.


  1. Trending Beauty Tools
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    SensatioNail™ - StripGel Peel Off Base Coat Deluxe Starter Kit

    Anyone who gets their nails gelled has to admit that they’ve picked them off at least once (even Victoria Beckham confessed she does it!). Of course we all know how damaging this can be to both your cuticles and nails!

    Luckily for all of us though, SensatioNail have developed a Stripgel Deluxe Starter Kit that includes everything you need to peel off your gel manicure without harming your nails or cuticles.

    I tested it out to see if it really is as good as it promises to be:

    • Following the instructions, I started by prepping my nails: pushing the cuticles back, then lightly buffing the nail, before washing my hands and then cleansing my nails.
    • Next, I applied a base coat, waited a few seconds, then applied a coat of SensatioNail Original colour polish (I opted for the gorgeous raspberry wine hue) and left it to cure for 30 seconds under the LED lights provided. I then added a second coat and let it cure again.
    • To finish, I applied the no wipe top coat and cured for 15 seconds.
    • After a week, I removed the gel by lifting it at the cuticle and slowly peeling it away.

    The Verdict: I’d never applied gel myself before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to do! It only took me 25 minutes, and with practice I reckon I could do it in 20. Plus, the gel lasted really well and peeled off with hardly any effort. I just had to wipe off the transparent residue with a face wipe.

    My verdict? It’s definitely worth the investment if you regularly get your nails done. It’ll save you a ton of money!

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  2. Neutrogena – Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment
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    Neutrogena – Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

    Neutrogena – Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

    Whether you suffer from acne or just get random breakouts like me, this Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment really is an essential!

    Using red and blue lights, this Light Therapy Acne Treatment treats breakouts in just two minutes. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use! Simply turn it on, apply it directly to your skin so that the light fully surrounds the pimple, and leave it for two minutes (at which point the device will automatically switch off).

    The Verdict: I have relatively good skin when it comes to acne, but I do get hormone-related breakouts when I’m PMSing. Spots can make me feel really self-conscious (I’m sure many of you can related), so this acne pen was perfect for me:

    • When I used it before bed, smaller spots were gone by the next morning (honest!)
    • Larger and deeper breakouts took a couple of days to disappear. Compared to my usual week-long breakout crisis, this was amazing!

    This pen works miracles! Plus, it’s really affordable and well worth the money.


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  3. Foreo – LUNA fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush
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    Foreo – LUNA fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush

    I couldn’t pick my favourite trending beauty tools without mentioning the Foreo LUNA fofo smart cleanser. The world’s first two-in-one smart facial cleanser, it analyses your skin and generates a personalised skincare routine tailored to your needs.

    I reviewed it earlier this month in this blog, and honestly after ten days my skin felt cleaner and more hydrated.

    The LUNA fofo cleanser is really relaxing to use and the delicate silicone bristles soothed my skin.

    The Verdict: If you struggle to stick to a regular skincare routine, then this smart cleanser is a great investment! Thanks to the accompanying app, you can track the progress of your skin. Trust me, the ‘skin score’ really keeps you motivated!

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  4. Trending Beauty Tools
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    Remington – Curl & Straight 2-in-1 Straightener

    As you’ll probably already know, GLOSSYBOX have partnered with Remington this month to celebrate the launch of their new Curl & Straight 2-in-1 Straightener.

    This unique hair styling tool boasts twisted plates that allow you to easily create three different looks (fierce curls, glamorous waves and gorgeous straight hair).

    I was so impressed with how great our Glossy Team looked! Lucinka, Lois and Lydia all created three stellar hair styles effortlessly. Lydia admitted:

    My hair has never looked so straight and sleeky. I’m so impressed!

    The Verdict: With that kind of feedback, I just had to include it in my list of favourite trending beauty tools!

    And that’s it Glossies. Good luck to all those who enter the competition. I hope you enjoy these trending beauty tools as much as I do!

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