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How To Use A Metal Eyelash Curler

How To Use A Metal Eyelash Curler
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It’s our birthday month Glossies, and we’re celebrating with plenty of pink and lots of sparkles. Even our products are shimmery! You’ll already have seen that our first sneak peek is an iridescent Lip Strobe by HUDA. Well, as a second treat, our Birthday Edition also includes a beautiful pink metal eyelash curler!

Whether you’re a long-standing expert or a curling newbie, here are four dos and don’ts to follow to achieve longer and curlier-looking lashes!

1. Do Use A Good Quality Curler

If you want to curl your lashes and brighten your eyes, then you need a high-quality eyelash curler. Luckily for you, you can tick off that box thanks to this month's GLOSSYBOX. It includes a gorgeous rose gold metal eyelash curler by Furr.

Made of strong and sturdy metal, this eyelash curler boasts a unique angle that fits all eye shapes. It also features a soft silicone pad cushion that protects your lashes and prevents crimping.

2. Do Hold The Metal Eyelash Curler Properly

Your Furr eyelash curler also features a practical and comfortable-to-use handle. Simply place your thumb and index finger in the grip holes and open the curler so that your top lashes fit between the silicone cushion and the metal top. Try to get as close to your eyelash roots as possible without touching your eyelid.

metal eyelash curler

3. Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

When using a metal eyelash curler, gentleness is key. Applying too much force can cause crimping or pull off lashes. Don’t worry though! An eyelash curler might look slightly scary, but it’s actually very easy to use.

metal eyelash curler
Lucinka has curled her left lashes, but not here right. The difference is amazing!

Once your curler is in the correct position (see above step), you just need to gently clamp the curler onto your lashes. Hold it down for about 10 seconds, then release. This will lift your entire lash line and create gorgeous, curly lashes.

4. Don’t Apply Mascara First

One of the most common mistakes when you using an eyelash curler is to apply mascara first. This will make your lashes sticky and more vulnerable to being pulled out by the curler. Instead, you should curl the lashes on one eye, apply mascara to those lashes, then switch eyes and repeat. The Manna Kadar mascara from July's box would work great!

Applying mascara after curling will help hold your lashes in place, while also maximizing your curl.

About Furr

For those of you who haven’t heard of Furr before, they’re a new, trendy, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brands that make handmade lash products. They sell a range of 6 different false mink lashes, as well as these eyelash curlers. You can explore their full range here.

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Writer and expert
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