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Maria Nila: The Vegan Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Maria Nila: The Vegan Hair Mask For Hair Growth
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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Here's another sneak peek into our Vegan Limited Edition GLOSSYBOX...

You loved the amazing haircare products from Maria Nila in our May box so much, we've brought you another! Inside the Vegan GLOSSYBOX, you'll find a full-size vegan and cruelty-free Head & Hair Heal Masque from Maria Nila. 

Lowdown On Maria Nila

Originating in Sweden, Maria Nila develop all their haircare products out of love for the animals and the environment. Not only are they PETA certified, 100% vegan and cruelty-free but they’re free from any nasties including parabens and sulphates! They’re a professional salon brand too, so this mask really is the best of the best.

What kind of hair is it suitable for?

This mask from their Head & Heal Range is Maria Nila's bestselling hair mask because it's multi-functional - whether you have dandruff, a dry scalp, coloured hair, suffer from hair loss or simply want to grow your hair faster, this is for you. The Head & Heal Range also includes a shampoo and conditioner, if you would like the complete collection!

Did you know?

The Head & Heal Range is the only Maria Nila range that doesn't contain allergens, which are often used to fragrance products. Allergens can cause irritation so it's best to avoid products containing these if your scalp and skin are very sensitive skin.

What's more, all Maria Nila products contain a unique colour guard complex that’s specially formulated to reduce loss of colour associated with washing, heat styling and free radicals.

How it promotes hair growth

This multi-functional hair mask puts an end to unhappy hair! It's an anti-inflammatory and hair growth stimulating masque formulated with vitamin E and peptides that stimulate your hair follicles. It also promotes a healthy scalp and prevents both dandruffitchy scalps and hair loss using the soothing properties of aloe vera.

How to apply the hair mask

After shampooing, apply to your hair (focusing on the mid lengths and ends) and leave it to soak in for 5-10 minutes. You'll then want to rinse your hair, follow this with conditioner and rinse thoroughly again. I recommend using this treatment 1 to 2 times per week to give your hair a boost when it starts to feel dry.

My experience using the Maria Nila hair mask

The first thing that hit me was the incredible scent, it smells fruity, aromatic and so premium.

After I've washed my hair with this mask my hair smells gorgeous (if I may say so myself). Compared to other masks I've tried, my hair goes super soft and silky much more quickly - within 60 seconds my hair feels revived and silky, which is great for when I'm in a rush.

I was also impressed by the weightless feel of my hair. Some masks make my roots oily and my hair lifeless, but I was pleased this did the opposite - my hair was voluminous and lasted as long between washes.

Other Maria Nila ranges

If you love this mask and fancy trying another type of mask, then you're in luck because Maria Nila have 6 different ranges in total: True Soft (in May's GLOSSYBOX), Pure Volume, Structure Repair, Luminous Colour and Sheer Silver.

Don't miss out on the Vegan Box

Maria Nila

Buy The Vegan Limited Edition GLOSSYBOX

I know you'll love this gorgeous mask as much as I do. To get your hands on one order your Vegan Limited Edition box now! It's just £25 for subscribers and £30 f0r non-subscribers!

Vegan lotions for your skin and potions for your hair, this Limited Edition GLOSSYBOX is incredibly rare…

Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls
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